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Harvey, Sportscaster, Chicago discussed on WLOB's Morning News with Ray Richardson


The gym or goal pour harvey's work light sportscaster you said it ladies stay cool with goal bomb potest relates with we'll these sports red sox the canadians were rained out last night that game will be made up on august 14th socked will play chicago tonight the white sox that is that o'clock at fenway park is the games i'm rick were selo pitches for boston richman defeats the seadogs in eleven innings 75 they play again today at new got it had locked field is the 20th addition of the td beats to be can ten k race it saturday aggressive beach beginning at eight a gamut happy birthday tom brady wlob fm and am next with maine's total weather from channel eight wmtw harvey cloudy for thursday highs near eighty degrees still very muggy out there chance for a couple of stray shower during the evening hours friday partly to mostly cloudy skies humid conditions hands in the upper 70s chance for some showers and thunder showers throughout the afternoon and evening sanity will be partly to mostly cloudy again highs will be in the mid to upper 70s a good shannon rain showers throughout the day on sunday highs will be near eighty with sunshine from channel eight i'm meteorologist ted mcinerney maine's total weather and see this accu merely pharmacy we know the keeping up with your medications is not easy one of the biggest issues is taking several medications and having them expire at different.

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Harvey, Sportscaster, Chicago discussed on WLOB's Morning News with Ray Richardson

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