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Technology advisor today, the vote anger the voter anger rather over healthcare that wants propelled Republicans to the majority in the house and Senate is now bullying Democrats hopes for the midterm elections when Democrats passed and rolled out ObamaCare voters protested changes in coverage rising premiums and the loss of their doctors. Now Republicans are facing the same threat for attempting to undo the healthcare law, formerly known as the Affordable Care Act. It's a story by Kimberly Leonard healthcare reporter at the Washington Examiner, Kimberly set the scene. Well, a big part of it was the repeal and replace efforts by Republicans in the house and Senate last year. Those obviously did not come through and Republicans were unable to replace the healthcare law. But as that was happening there appeared to be a lot more awareness about what the law did. And Democrats really in particular were seizing on very specific part of the law, which prohibits health insurance companies from turning away potential customers who have pre existing conditions and also from charging them more for their healthcare. It's a part of ObamaCare that has always been very popular. But it's one that people sorta became more aware within the law, and it's a part of the law that has made health insurance for some a lot more expensive, but people really appear to continue to believe in those protections. And even though Republicans say they want to preserve them. Democrats are saying well your actions tell us otherwise he tried to repeal. This laws which contains these protections. We're speaking with Kimberly Leonard healthcare reporter at the Washington Examiner pieces called after years on defense. Democrats now plan to weaponize ObamaCare zero two Republicans are facing the same threat for attempting to undo the healthcare laws. They're the same passion like heading into an election. Well, there they're still a good part of the Republican base that disapproves of before. And you know, Republicans are still valley to undo the lot and on top of that. There are about twenty state officials mostly attorneys general but a couple of governors who have waged a lawsuit ask a court to invalidate ObamaCare. And what happened on top of that is that the Trump administration also said, well, we agree with this lawsuit. But we think instead of invalidating Alabama carry you should just invalidate the rules on pre existing conditions. And so that provides kind of another avenue for Democrats to say see they're looking at taking away your healthcare. And that's the message that they've sort of put out there. So what are we seeing? I guess maybe in different parts of the country about ObamaCare in campaign ads. Well, you have candidates who are running on pre existing conditions for the most part. They're not always calling out the horrible character ObamaCare by name. So they'll share either personal stories about pre existing conditions. They have had. So you have Heidi Heitkamp, you have Claire mccaskill both talking about their history with breast cancer and saying look, I understand how difficult this is. I had a pre existing condition. You have in specific states attorneys general who are seeking to undo the law who even then are saying that they're in support of preexisting conditions. So this is kind of become the part of the healthcare law that has almost become, you know, this litmus test of you know, how in favor of you are of the. Of how much in favor of keeping these protections in place. Whether you're democrat or Republican you had a breakout in your store to in which you're talking about a red state survival strategy and referenced West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin explained his situation. Right, right. So he is one of the senators who's running against the attorney general and the state who is among those, you know, on who sign onto this lawsuit. And you know, West Virginia is a state that went very heavily toward President Trump and Senator Manchin has an ad that he put out recently, and what she's actually shooting with a rifle and two a copy of this lawsuit to gut ObamaCare. And then it he calls that something that is just wrong except the ad mostly refers to the pre existing conditions protections. But pretty much regardless of whether you're on these plans are not most of the public does not want to see a return to the days in which people with pre. Existing conditions cancer. Diabetes asthma are unable to obtain health insurance that helps to cover their medical means, Kimberly, Kimberly. Leonard healthcare reporter at the Washington Examiner twenty minutes now.

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