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Wednesday. Cisco. Juice material these sports leader. One of the big stories today. Rob Manfred Commissioner major league baseball says that. Limiting the defensive shifts is gaining momentum. My initial thought on that was I guess in hoops, right illegal defenses so forth. I mean, they've they've made some and through the years have made some major defensive adjustments. But I always thought with the shift that the sport would evolve guys would figure it out pretty much sports. Always does that. And in an age of analytics where I know where a guy is gonna hit a ball. But I can't stand where the guy is gonna hit the ball because. We're gonna make another offensive adjustment. Because in sports. That's what we do. If the offense is limited in any way. Gotta take away any advantage. The defense has and we gotta make it all about offense. So what's your initial thought on this whole thing if they ban or limit the shift anything that's good for the game bad for the game in different? What do you think? I don't know. I mean, there's still read the article in the Atlantic Jason stark that Ed. It was it was good article inconclusive though on how much it helped how much it hurt. We know it's mostly left-handers. Even though the guy that I guess apparently was who was affected by the ship. The most was Albert pools. Matt carpenter was second of the of the cardinals. So I don't know. My inclination. Without knowing all the facts is to say, no just because I don't even like a legal defense and basketball. I think you should be able to play whatever you wanna play and guys are good enough guys will figure it out in basketball. They just figure if he plays zone. It will slow the game down. Like you can't slow down that much at the twenty four second shot clock. You have to shoot the ball at some point. And in basketball. I think teams know what they're doing. They would kill zone. It is whereas out and especially when you guys shoot nowadays. Exactly. I don't think he'd have a chance. But if you wanna put guys if you wanna put seven guys on one side of the infield than it's either team to take advantage of the opportunities, you're giving them so far most people haven't been able to do that. So teams continue to employ that strategy. I guess the only reason I would be even thinking that. Okay. Maybe we could do something like that. Again. I don't know how it works. Can you move after the pitch can you move? I don't know. Is that the shift? It's not just the shift. It's what the ship has led to this shift is led to the launch angle because you wanna hit over this ship. You wanna put the ball in the air. You don't wanna put the ball on the ground. That's one of the biggest things that you talked about pitchers. Fly ball Ray ground ball rate wanna give the ball on the ground. You can't it over the fence. When you when you put it on the ground when you keep it on the ground so hitters now are really learning. How to get the ball in the air coup. Whatever they're doing to modify their swings. They're looking for a launch angle to a certain extent you want to get the ball up and over the infield into the outfield so intern that is lead to more strikeouts. Could you get more of these uppercut swings? And now patriots starting figure why I needed work the top of the zone because it's going to be hard to catch up to a ball. When your bats coming in an uppercut at the top of the zone. We were taught we're younger hit down on the ball. All you at the top half of the ball or at the bottom half of the ball. It was but it down on it. And these spin the ball out. Now, these guys are just trying to lift the ball at all costs. So it mentioned in the article does this affect action runners on base balls and play all that kind of stuff. And while certainly it affects balls in play because strikeouts. An all time high, and they don't seem to be diminishing anytime soon. I'm not sure about the action in terms of like hit and run stolen bases. A double plays where they're more double plays with the shift less double plays with the shift because now guys are in different positions. They said it was up to the players. They ban the shift. They good players have no problem saying, they don't like the chip they want to get rid of the shift. Hitters. Don't like it pitchers. Don't like it. Although you see patriots. Every once in a while they'll turn around to be upset that a guy would be there. They're easy last year. Yeah. He's but then there's some guys sometimes they go, man. That's that's going to be a single. Oh, it's a double place. We rate there. So. Here's what I came down to though, I came down to this. And I still think again, I'm not as strident as I once was I still think it's okay to do whatever you want to do. But we're doing what we do in the NBA. Now, we're turning it into a math problem, right? The NBA is a math problem. Now. It's threes and twos in twos being dunks. Like, you don't want mid range because that's not a good percentage at at low efficiency is with with that is. So you're starting to turn the game instead of how all these athletes do what they do and their explosive and their creative. We've turned them into three point shooters and dunkers is what we've done so baseball now instead of letting the players do what the players do show, the lettuces, the rain all that kind of stuff. We've turned this into a math problem. Now, we have it down to every decimal. This is what this guy hits. This is what he doesn't hit. This is where he hits it when you pitch them here. This is what he hits in this county. This is what he does there. It's not scouting having to write everything down and trying to figure it out. It's just you feed all this stuff into computer now and Bom it just spits out your answers. So from that aspect, I started thinking, maybe I wouldn't mind seeing abandon the ship because I'd like to see the players the players and the players have a bigger impact on the game. Instead of the numbers crunchers who have all these numbers and say well, forty percent of the time he hits a here's a stand there. Then all of a sudden boom hits the right to you. I'm not saying it's wrong. Just like, I'm not saying the NBA coaches are wrong for shooting threes because it makes sense. It makes sense. If you have a team that can shoot them. Why wouldn't you take a bunch of threes? When thirty three percent equals fifty percent makes perfect sense. So I just I, but I don't doesn't everything Volve. I dunno. It should it should hasn't yet. Because the only reason I'm saying this, and this isn't the perfect example. But. I told you this during the break. My son was going to a baseball game baseball tryouts coming out for high school in January. The first thing they had him. Do was go. Oh, he got in the cage. And they said oppo because that's going to be the next generation of kids. You got to be able to hit the ball. Two different ways. Sports is always been about evolving. Okay. They figured this out, especially football. All the k they'd figured this out. We're going to do this. We figure this out. We're going to do this. I just think at the professional level. It is up to you to then take advantage of what they're giving you an evolve the game because I think from a power sham. How you talked about strikeouts. These guys they realize they're gonna get paid for it in the ball to the ballpark. Anyway, they're not going to go back to being rod Karoo. That's not going to happen. Oh, they ban the shift or they limited the shift. I'm just gonna start hitting the ball into right field. If they wanted to do that if they wanted hit singles they bunt because there's no third baseman. All you gotta do is keep it fair. They don't wanna do that. They wanna hit it out of the park. So look, I understand I guess the only thing that bothers me about his a it always evolving. So just let it. Naturally. Evolve back to whatever it's going to be and then be the cats out of the bag. So that they're just going to try to lift the ball and strike outs. I think you're gonna are gonna stay the same. I just in in Thirdly. It's always about the offense. No matter what rule change. I was like defensive finally figured something out. And we know how to slow these guys down. Nope. No, no, no. We need more offense. And you're balls in play. We need to entertain the masses. I don't know. I don't want to sound stodgy. I don't wanna be like Bob Costas. Look if something can evolve the game and make the game better and make people watch more. And that's really what they're trying to do make it more aesthetically pleasing. I get it. But I just think the game evolves, and you have to figure it out your professional athletes. I this is the one that has stumped me. Maybe more than anything else is why and I don't know about hitting. But why players can't beat the shift? I still don't get it. Why you can't hit it the other way? Why you can't figure out how to okay, they're playing me right here. I have holes right here. I know it's hard to hit a baseball. But they they can't figure that out. Here's the thing though. If you're a power hitter and you're pitching to a power hitter. Any says, all right. To the opposite field. Wouldn't you take that? Like when you say, okay. Go ahead. You're not gonna hit out of the ballpark. We'll keep keeping the ballpark. And we'll let you have a single. So you're almost giving them what they want in his stance by bunting or hitting it the opposite fields that are trying to hit it over the wall. I guess there are certain occasions during the course of the game, we need baserunners, and you should just take it. I don't care if you're a power hitter or not. And and yeah, I mean, I agree with you. I still believe you should be able to play with you want. But I'm starting to get like, okay. I see how one thing is led to another. And then that has led to one other thing. And then that is led to another thing. Like, you said, it's. Equation and much. We just sit there watching games that are three hours and fifteen minutes where it's like three to two like how does this game? How is this game three hours and fifteen minutes and the runs have been like two homers is what it's been. So I just. It's to the point where I said basketball is a three point shooting contests in who can who can hit the most threes and get the most layups where baseball now is home runs strikeouts in walks. That's that's what really it's about strikeouts in walks. I mean strikeouts. And in in in home runs, and it just seems like there's so much more than that. Well, they adjust. I guess I mean, they should you think at some point that adjusts, but again, some of the players that are out there. You don't care if they either wear to Saint go ahead. Either way we'll give you a single. I'll tell you. What's amazing? They did a roundtable. I don't know. If you saw it was on. I think it was last night or the night before an MLB network. They had a bunch of GM's in there with a guys like Brian Kenny who's big into the numbers and so forth..

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