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Starting their video while staying with Don mix Don makes the whole thing up. Spoiler alert video never came out and probably never will. They're still on this album cycle chance. Yeah. Sure there. They're definitely going to release the video that you quote, unquote, filmed with them. What if are you one hundred percent sure that the people that you met were the plain white t's like with one hundred percents certainty like may maybe were the stand. I mean, I've said I've said at four, and I'll say it again, I'm pretty certain they were crisis actors the crisis bef Kush staying in your home for a week. And you gotta find a way to get the hell out of there the hell of crisis. I'm sure was the plain white t's because I texted with I talk with him. I met the next day. And then we so that makes sure that. Instagram, and he's verify for the plain white t's. So it's it's legit. Okay. We'll find out tomorrow. He's asking if he met the real Seth. Guy. He thinks he met sad businessman or Seth. But he actually met the real stuff Kushner, so what are you gonna do when he's gonna find out about the video? I really want to know. It's all I wanna know from gonna talk to a one hit wonder big head. I mean, it's a huge hit. Don't get me wrong. He plays an important part of the story. I need answers right after we're gonna talk to Los del Rio about some things and then space hog what? Those del Rio is. Been locked up way too long. This crazy now the loss lonely, boys. That's less lonely. Because that's Los Lobos Los del Rio. Guys, any relation to Alberto w I can give it to you without even saying word. Oh. Yeah. Who did it most del Rio? Oh that was a remix. I think I don't know about the original. No, it's Los del Rio. They did Macarena. They're the ones who you're. I don't think they did the original the original. American.

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