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Lov that's it pregnancy Or burn lower breakup or whatever By it's when you feel like like it's in the friends. The tv show friends universe in the attic universe where certain things mean certain things in. It's just like tropes from tv and not reelect like you know what i was thinking like the m one at one of i have somewhere in the back of mind list of tropes that only exists in media and i have never seen in realize like Like when people when someone's trying to solve something in then someone in berkeley says something has nothing to do with it in any is like they are. that's it that's right genius right right the cherry plant berries. Cherries grow in pairs. They did it together. Them yeah when in the history of humanity that this happened or when when i i'm sure it happened once in a whodunit. Aggregating somebody and they go like. I'm telling you i didn't stab him and then they go. I'd didn't say he was stabbed. Like that's the twist in like a hundred thousand things. Although i do have to think a criminal giving up information that only the person who did it new is probably happens in real life a lot but it always happens at the last moment. Dominion tara gash. There is a disproportionate amount of representation of the like happy. Dance hilarious Yes feel like there are more people celebrating something via a happy dance on film than they are in real life. That's absolutely true. That's like that's like a bollywood thing. I i feel like the west borrowed that where it was like when you watch like bridesmaids which is a great movie gearing up towards the end when wilson phillips comes out. And you're like oh everybody's gonna dance very very bollywood thing. And they're all the characters dancing but then now it's hard to find. It's not hard to find but there's so many movies that do that because it worked. And that's sort of what we're talking about movies based on other movies which are based on indian movies. Which of course are movies. But you know i it transferred to the west very interesting and then we just end very interesting goodbye very sometimes. You just got me. Sometimes i'll just say compliment. I wanted to go to the.

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