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Friendly way he the birds from weather center mostly cloudy tomorrow with a chance of showers temps mid fifties to lower sixties we have road work on the two ten in Irwindale J. ten eastbound side between the six oh five and with Dale Avenue for Ridley caught up there and it looks like things a little bit slow through there they should have that wrapped up by about three this afternoon as to make it right into industry Westend sixty hacienda the operative shut down there for some Caltrans work and also we got us some road work at east and west along the ten freeway this is gonna be heading to my clear in between mother stay the fifty seven got a Caltrans would retain working in lanes this report is sponsored by one eight hundred a lot too okay if I this guy helps get you there faster by J. lived on the road but unfortunately accidents happen so you need to be prepared if you are injured get the power of experienced attorneys today call one eight hundred the law too that's one eight hundred eight four three five two nine two tell you what is family stretches to every corner of this country from coast to coast north to south in small towns and big cities so you can count on Toyota to be here for you and our community because the Toyota family is stronger when we stand together and it's how will meet the challenges of today this is our pledge to you we will be here for you now and then all the better days down the road Toyota no really loves fresh food amateur chef barbecue orders orders bakers and road waivers at Ralph you can get all the press you on a great price with same day pickup and delivery because we believe in fresh for everyone Ralphs.

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