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And cnn say the navy may blamed the crew of the uss fitzgerald or as fatal collision with a philippine cargo oh ship off the coast of japan reports say early findings show the crew made a number of errors before the collision last month the killed seven us sailors a statement from the navy says it does not have definitive information to release this point and police in daytona beach florida say they've arrested the same car thief four times in just six weeks the latest theft happened when the guy cut off an ankle monitor and took off in a stolen car police chief craig caprices dealing with this dealing with this thief is different because he's ten years old on his or her the last month or so some hurbon from four within with annual let's get involved wrong fifteen and sixteen year olds the first time the kid was arrested was back in june when he stole a car and parked it outside at target store and the cops found him inside traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center it is slow on the 57 in anaheim northampton raise our loading happens stretches getting away from lincoln taking you ahead all the way to the sixty we have mike o'brien kfi and this guy check another crash 605 southbound just approaching sixty enter it looks like the accident after the right shoulder so you're really sue fair back to the 10 look up i had a lot more where that came from florida beverley that'll be heavy doubt through the five north 605 as heavy 105 to the five more fodder for what he by fire the sky sinha rubin family this is the sixty eastbound just before valley way centre lane bronze pushing the drive back away from pie rights kfi and this guy has sketchy their faster i mean.

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