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Nations always special. Embraced. More of a gesture appreciated. I love it that the guys are embracing it, especially a daylight staff who he and Draymond always make those jokes about how they were here before things got good. So they've got a little better tied the to the station. I liked it. They joke on that stuff. A riff on that also like this Steph likes playing at oracle because it is a home-court advantage of something. That's unique. I think here and that honestly that is my biggest fear in going to chase center is just that you lose that five. And I don't think I consider that. I know people talk about the candlestick vibe versus AT and T part. But the championships came at AT and T parks. So it's a little bit different. I compare it more to I mean, we'll see what happens I'm more fearful of a of a Levi stadium effect. That's I mean, that's what I'm just based on the we're looking at the at the techie. I I'm just that's my only concern is are we and again, I'm not saying that crowds not an oracle right now. But there's something about it staying in your building versus being at a new building. I'm going to be a little nostalgic about dif- when they go to that new building. It's going it's not going to be like oracle. Law. They're going to be able to go after they're nice new luxury suites. The there's going to be a lot of Levi stuff. Yeah. It looks here. Another one from Steph your post on that feeling right? When he just starts to heat up, and he knew and you feel it as a fan when you're watching your dude put the ball and steps hands anything. He shoots right now is going to drop. They asked him. Does. He get that feeling or what's it feel like when you know, it's going to be your night. Third three in the first quarter. Transition and everything felt that rhythm. Yeah. He's starting to get good looks. You don't really have to force anything to find them. Then you just can repeat that same motions going crowd gets into my teammates are encouraging me the last three in the first quarter is probably the funniest thing. I've experienced a accord two guys on our team yell at me through towers at the free throw line by don't pass. It don't pass it you better shoot it all that type of stuff, and that's going through my I'm hearing that driven down. And it's of all the motivation, you need just launch. And thankfully, went to see Dave whispered something in my ear there. That's absolutely true. And he said that the analytics dies the does who were looking at your plus minus. And these other knows I mean basketball for me, the analytics are tough. I've just I don't get them as much, you know, it's it's it's hard to break down. It's hard to decide how to apply each statistic with Dave said to me, though, was in reference to what staff said there is that when I was coming down the floor. I felt the momentum. I felt the rhythm. It was kind of a heat. Check three you can't quantify the heat. Check three. It's just something you feel an any guy or girl who has ever played pickup basketball you play in a guy knocks down two shots. And he dribbles of corden heaves another one three guys on the quarter yellow each. Guy. Does you just feel it and shooters feel it you can't quantify it? It's like when they say it's like a guy being a slump in baseball are being red hot. He's just locked in. There was no way to measure. Why Marco scooter oh had like three swings and misses for the final months of the season in two thousand twelve can't quantify when a guy's just locked in like that not at all quarterbacks will tell you that too when they're rookies and everything the games one hundred miles an hour, Tom Brady sees it in super slow motion. Yeah, he sees everything. I I read the article from drew Brees we mentioned to here in the leadoff spot to an article from verb about how when he was going for the fifty thousand guards, Mark they were tallying. It was just this piece. They didn't ESPN and you made a comment about you know, being able to see over the line because they always talk about how short he is. He said, I'm not sure how the taller, but there are times where I don't even. I can't see at all. And I just my guys I feel like he's open. He said the word field. That's got me. I felt like he was open. He could hear it. Yeah. He could hear it team. Yeah. Let's hear another one from Steph here. This was his matching his oracle career high in points during the last season at oracle. How important was that for you Steph, especially the third quarter? When you hear the crowd going crazy. I love playing in.

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