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B. m. english speaking radio child presents bam english word of the d. My name is brexit. The and i'm your host for this episode you you are listening to episode number. One hundred fifty five off season three. Today's word is seamless. The meaning of seamless is smooth and continuous changing or continuing without any break or interruption continuous fabric or a selfish without any joints with i._b._m. English speaking radio channel learn new what every day and impressed the world in this initial cabinetry lesson you you learn how to use the word seamless via show that the e._s._p._n. Will help you to enhance the english with cabinet already pink and speak english fluently and confidently seamless is spelt as as key. I am l. e. s. s. the woods seamless means something which is without any interruption it also refers to a continuous fabric or is selfish that has no joint for example our travel across cross. The boundary of two states were seamless. The actress water long seamless gown for the party. Listen listen carefully how we can use the woods seamless in eight different situations in eight different sentences example number one of eight. The transport minister called the meeting of the civic officials. He asked them to prepare a blueprint for seamless travel between various modes of public transport within the city example number two of eight the chairman of the company retiree.

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