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Know what i mean there's an area grabbing a transform because we identify and share the he and you know extreme enemy in so it's gonna take some time but one day someone's going to share their their truth and their relationship people have though i mean i'm glad that you just said that 'cause i feel like even like me because i don't really know like maybe are that i should know maybe i'm a little ignorant is there anything but like i would have before you said that like i would have thought like chan's woman and a man they i gave relationship yes i would have thought that game in don't like trans girls they don't like anything hurling really you ever seen a gay man with anything girlie will now that you say now i actually really like very masculine men larry math made it they like to turn i was just about to say that most of my gay friends are attracted to straight man yet and i'll be like how your state check with the straight man at makes them gay if they dylan would you and they're like well you wanna download but as a whole different arms because they are in the same they're the same actual sex and same actual gender being trans is the third gender it's not the same you know what i mean you can't compare us the same as a gay guy were not made the same mary no we don't chemically think the same were not built the same we don't behave the same is just not the same now what's your favorite position sixty nine i know you said earlier if this his some really good day i like missionary okay i want to new robert arms around your neck and by is who you and hold on killing it like i like missionary cough it out no no way i too i like missionary that's is one of my love for its but you know.

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