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Finished radio station to start talking more and more about the yankees swear into something very special here jj i gotta be honest with you i'm sick and all these met fans call them up and crying and whining has been stationed khakis it's time for everybody to start talking about the new york yankees because we're heading for something very special this summer into the fall my friend and i will talk to you next saturday ralph zoe's look you will get a fair amount of yankees and mets at least on this show we do both it's the way i do a shell you come on the air whether its subway series whether it's a game next week when the yankees are playing a raise and the mets plan the diamondbacks we're going to spend a ton of time on each team right now the mets have become more pressing issue because their season has basically gone completely down the drain and once we hit you know august and september let's be honest if the mets and continue to play like this there ain't gonna be a whole lot to say about the state of affairs with the baseball team said the highland chef johnson what's up chuck hey how you doing jj what's up talk about the pathetic status of the mid catching and their love affair with mediocrity and incompetence liked i know missouri geico and feleti and how come they they just keep doing this same same mistakes over and over catching is important maybe maybe you start there to fix this team i understand at easier said than done no right shift to find a top notch high quality catcher no you can you can look over at the tigers fun system as a kid named grayson greiner who can play the position and it would be fun to see send the guy pitch to a six foot six inch catcher is two hundred and thirty nine pounds have two months is on the field that second check why would the tigers give up one of their top catching prospects why would they do that i don't know maybe they would for hansel role bliss i mean suck that's where you lose me i mean you mentioned robe bliss getting you something anything of value now i have no idea what catching prospect you're talking about you could have been throwing a name in there and i wanna know i'll be.

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