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You the jacket well actually cookbooks so I could see what happened with them Ralph ran one moment your top three there's no adjustments for Jimmy Johnson Brad does landscape that's a that's a bloody William Byron and a cook books was stolen away quickly I have a hunch that he might have missed this but actually have to check on that delights Alex Bowman the race leader was in reporting that he was losing the nose late in that run for tires and fuel and air pressure adjustment for him Kevin Harvick continues to struggle with his race car latest report really imbalance four tires and fuel some adjustments for him Matt DiBenedetto just said he was lacking some grip on that run they want half around down on the wage mid air pressure adjustment for tires and snow go fuel for him I'm gonna follow up on Kurt Busch here in just a moment other than that it would've been Jimmy Johnson Jimmy Johnson first off of pit road in front of Ryan Blaney Alex Bowman and into team Penske fords in like Gano and Brad Keselowski the Xfinity fastest laps the race so far has been run by Kyle Larson he turned a lap at one seventy seven point nine six two miles an hour the Xfinity fastest lap is sponsored by Xfinity internet that's more than just fast Xfinity proud partner of NASCAR how to make Sunday indeed a funday with coca Cola energy it's Sunday time to relax for the week ahead right home Sunday is named after the.

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