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I'm in southern California I'm still in our studios we're still being simulcasted on CBS sports network it is still very good to be with you my cell phone was still toll free in the U. S. and Canada it is still one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six I still have a busy third hour for you Jayvon Hargrave a defensive tackle the eagles joins me next hour the head coach of the U. S. men's national soccer team Greg Burkhalter joins me next hour right now we are joined by an MLB network insider in MLB dot com columnist he also works with NHL network Fox Sports he's good for the program he is Jon Morosi John normally you'd be coming on the show this time and we'll be talking about the first few days of the MLB season the last few days of the NHL regular season of course everything is different right now so how are you John and how is life treating you well Jim thanks for having me on the the show today and for the conversation and certainly person for most thanks for keeping the conversation going around sports for all of us in the country to keep us all connected so keeping the great job that you're always doing what we're doing in Michigan I would say first and foremost but my wife is a doctor herself couple hospitals here in Michigan so she's quite busy and really I'm so proud of the work that she's doing and all of our colleagues involved in the medical field so first of foremost supporting her and and then also at home we've got three daughters so I've been doing a lot of teaching as well and then hopefully have it's a good lesson plans there but really the the big focus is I think for all of us were all citizens first right now and so in my case a citizen first then of course the husband to my wife to help her I do great work she's doing right now Jon Morosi at home home schooling I think you might be the greatest home school teacher ever I think your wife John Abraham the frontline for doing what they're doing as I mentioned last week also everybody else who is making things better and easier for us people working grocery stores people or providing services people are putting themselves out there a great risk so we can all keep going I wanna thank them once again to see John there's news I want to get to but before I do so I want you to tell a few stories if you don't mind it you been with MLB network now for eight years you bet on Twitter talking about some of your favorite favorite memories from each year I wanna hit with a couple so you can expand upon them you are more than a hundred and forty to two hundred eighty characters about that time when Madison Bumgarner came out of the bullpen in game seven a cop in stadium in KC what do you remember about that moment the US they will resolve it for fall in the the the Twitter account there was over the remember is that I've been sharing that World Series twenty fourteen was magnificent for so many reasons and we knew entering that game seven is gonna be managed aggressively by both sides too much and sorry for the giants in what became the final game of his career and then Jeremy Guthrie for the Royals we knew that certainly both managers would go to the bullpen early and with Bumgarner we had a sense that he was going to come into the game at some point we didn't know was how early and for how long and so when both she goes in the fifth inning I just remember that gasp that that all my goodness reaction rippling down press role in in the press box there Kauffman stadium saying oh my gosh she's going to him so early and the problem was that maybe he'd be able to to go in there for two three innings at the most what was the belief that it is a bit maybe be able to do that but certainly not by then and that was it it was almost impossible to it to conceive of an outing like that on such little rest every been so dominant in game five in San Francisco we just spent two days to rest so I I would say was one of the best individual performance I'd ever seen also in remember he was a little wobbly in that first released in any through and then settle in after that and that is magnificent closing which nearly got away from the giants in the ninth inning with the with the single by Alex cord that was misplayed into a triple the the two base error rather and of course that eternal question should Mike Gillislee and send Gordon I don't think so in that moment but certainly is one of those great debates that will have from now until forever no doubt Jon Morosi joining us and then John there is that detail from game seven of the twenty sixteen World Series between Chicago and Cleveland you were following the action in the tenth inning from a stairwell behind home plate without the benefit of a TV monitor laid out for me why were you in that stairwell and how could you tell what was going on the thanks base record your message the route interesting story because as the cubs had the lead late I was covering the game probably network of course so we were not the right sort of the game is on fox so the the the general idea is that if you're part of the the group of reporters were allowed to be on the field after a clinch situation you'll wind up with about maybe an inning to go before maybe so you line up starting in the eighth inning in in a sort of issue next to the field and in the progressive field in Cleveland that is the umpires room tunnel right behind home plate there's a staircase and it goes down into the into the hallway that leads like the sweet area the field level suites there in Cleveland and so we get there during the eighth inning one of course all the mayhem occurs in and head in the game is tied to go the next routing there the rain delay so I probably spent a good hour and a half in that tunnel sober said cell phone reception allowed us to watch the the game on our phones in on a delay though so you were you were watching it about thirty minutes or thirty seconds late rather so I'm I'm down in that tunnel thinking to myself how am I going to see what's happening by now there were two outs there the the cubs were one out away from winning and of course there was a run scored noting there were some traffic on the bases there was not an easy called up for the cubs nor could we ever expected to be easy for them and so as I'm inching forward I I it wasn't closed anybody that a phone out so I was looking up as I looked up the only person who I could see sitting on the very edge of that I'll basically over the tunnel opening what's the what's the interior of actually holding his son as I recall it and so I said well I'm going to look up your watch Theo and his reaction is gonna tell me if the cubs of wonder if they lost and sure enough I would to also look it up at the and and the ground balls at the Bryant as we learn later and he throws to first base and I think the old tosses sign in the air and in enjoyed and and a big smile is gradually everybody around him all the cubs problems people that's how I found out the cubs won the World Series by with like fifteen seconds after that I was thrust through the will gain out of the field and rushing up to dexter followed by the time I got to dexter he was already crying so I the the rush of emotion when you're thrust into that gym and you don't even really know what happened besides the fact of the coverages one of course with that was really the only relevant thing at that point that but not every not even be able to watch the final play of the cheerleader than doing interviews about what kind of unique and I'll never forget it and remember seeing Bill Murray on the field it was just a surreal series of events there four years ago in Cleveland that is wild Jon Morosi joining us all right to speak on the cubs Jon in seo when you think about the cubs in where they are well where they were as a team and our organization RAF they won the World Series and all the town they had it felt like it might be the start of a dynasty what would you have said if I told you they lose the NLCS in five the next season get bounced in the wild card game the year after that and then missed the playoffs all together in twenty nineteen I would have been stunned because given the the common thread you look at the teams that are that dynasties or something close to a gym and and they're almost always clubs that have young homegrown control position players which the cubs that had they had this group of of Bryant and Rizzo and Baez in contrary us and Russell it different times a lot of great young talent and you would have expected them to be able to stay in at least get one more World Series appearance of it certainly going into that and I'll C. S. in three consecutive years is a pretty good she meant but not being able to to then build upon it was to me a little surprising I think it also speaks Jim to the the challenge of baseballs with the format of the sport and how how much competitive balance there is but also what the cubs for Solon gym that'd been there their car was was was given a World Series winning it and once they did it it changes things a little bit and I I I think that they've still spent some time now reformulating what that identity for that organization is going to be in the future of course they had a managerial change after last season and David Ross said this is where we had so much turnover in a managerial ranks in the game so it unexpected you think about the mats in the and surely that that case and in the Astros and in the red Sox this winter but it certainly you think about the cubs and David Ross the very first time manager they have spring training interrupted in the way that it has banned and then knowing you probably another three weeks or so we hope once the season gets going again it does make for a somewhat of a difficult interruption for them for obvious to the entire world and sports world and not trivialize the the baseball part of things but they're they're just they're instead difficulty in having a continuity of their of their I think a little bit we were I think they were interrupted a bit with the with the way they're playing in maybe the culture now they have to find a way to restore the time was certainly as we know Jim they're much weightier issues before our nation in the world Jon Morosi joining us I think that's a really fast any point you made about the cubs that once they finally did winter after chasing it for so long this is change of identity and now they've got to go about kind of reinventing themselves all over again and it's to the point he just made John when you talk to people around the league what is your sense as to how teams are handling the delayed start to the regular season what's in it that's the question before everybody right now in in it and I think there's no one easy way to do it I was just even texting with executive today just expressed just how this how tough this is how how is as personal as as humans as citizens as we're going through that's the number one aspect in the the concern that we have for our fellow residents of people in our families and it's certainly ourselves in many many cases as well there's a lot of concern right now so that I was the person for most and supporting those that are that are in in need in those who are caring for the number one but then you think about this the the baseball routine in the rhythm we all want our routines back whatever our routines are we want them back in the worst way this is the natural human feeling right now and I I think for baseball Jim the biggest question is going to be what is the return to play look like I think for now you've got pitchers who are effectively in offseason mode maybe they're still throwing a little bit but they're not ready to go by any means they're gonna need to have three weeks of us SportAccord spring training summer training if you will before they can start their season and then I think we have.

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