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Tricia paid US and today. We are joined by Corey Feldman and his lovely wife court so much for having us in your pink nece exciting High Pink with very honored to have you here. We've already been talking for like a good. Lordy my favorite wings and artwork around my House. Just me and so people are like. That's a little weird pictures around the house of me too. Okay so I have like this wall of Shame. I call it but that was like me with all these like legendary people. So it's kind of the the duality wall of shame when it's really people that you'd kind of be bragging about but like Robert Deniro and alkyl Jackson. Paul McCartney like the biggest. Yeah okay I would have to like. I think my biggest one is Michael. Keaton in my house. I framed that he is a big deal. Jeff a whole beetlejuice room so that was like Peta me but that's really cool. I really showed about man and I got to see him. Actually in his Batman suit says how your friend No. I met him that day but I was there. Why was there? I don't remember somebody was working on it like because it was well Tim. Burton was directing that one or was it Joel Schumacher. I don't know. Obviously I did. The Joel Schumacher won. But he branded Michael Kim timber so I don't remember exactly why I was on this. I don't think it was shooting a shooting something myself on the same lot and so I had heard that they were shooting the second Batman and I was like where I need to go right. Now is a yeah. Yeah always there on that. They were doing like a scene where it was him in cat-woman fighting on the rooftops on a rooftop and it was a part where he literally goes. You were like a teenager. Eighty nine thousand nine. Yeah that's crazy. Okay so Corey Feldman by the way you might be most like legit person. So far I've had on the PODCAST. We'll start at the most. We started in October and we have a lot of amazing people. I think we had well. We have one actor David who is really great but like you. He's amazing I've known him since eighteen talking about people. I've known him since I was eighteen. I've known you know Korean but when a team that's well it's an interesting start by trouble because people call it exploitative when I talk about I'm just a nice way non-exploitative if you talk about a friendship. Yeah I guess I guess because our friendship wasn't always the greatest. It wasn't necessarily a friendship. It was more like a giant sham. Consider I'd say part of my story as you know it never talk shit and the end of the day. Everybody knows he did a lot of drugs and you know what so why. I mean like we've all done a lot of drugs at some point in our lives right like I mean not. Everybody obviously very conservative people out. There have never done anything. I know if you've been raised in this craziness and you're brought up in this world. You know the pressures are intense and immense and there's at some point somebody going to offer you something and at some point when you're a kid who's been kept in a cage most of your life who's been locked in a sheltered environment most of your life and then all of a sudden you've got this world of opportunity beset in front of you right. Take advantage of taste. The fruits right. That's what we do. Humans we can't resist so for me. Personally I I was very conservative. Might very conservative. I was raised like abused. You know and like like tortured and abused in that way and like a slave so when it actually got to the point of me getting out on my own I was afraid of everything and I probably would anti-drug campaigns when I was fifteen I had already smoked weed but then I was like all smoke weed because it's natural but I'm not GonNa do any of that other stuff because that's really scary stuff who wants to snort stuff up there not really very much. So wow what timeframe are you on drugs from basically from fifteen and a half until eighteen and a half so it was basically three years short-lived so very short lived. I got it all in really fast. Did my investigations exploratory. The best and then I learned what I needed to learn and then I got the hell out and that's why I'm still here and that's why I still look healthy and good. Yeah all the rumors and all the things that people have tried to stick me like. Oh He's such a party boy. Set an animal to whatever is all lies and rumors of the matter is I was sober at nineteen years old. And he ever could even legally drink okay since one thousand nine hundred nineteen own during the whole whole. This real quick doesn't go back to that but like during the whole Corey's angel things you were completely sober sober. I wasn't drinking. It does seem very hugh. Hefner vary like crazy. The angels started as an offshoot of playboy. That's how that started because basically I had been in eighteen relationships in a row and all of them ended the same. Which was them cheating on? Really I was always a loyal faithful guy. One woman personnel actors loyal. I've never met an actor. That was loyal he is. He's been like the most honest guy I've ever dated in my entire life. I've been inch cheated on and abuse and shit like my whole life. He's like the only one that's with respect and dignity and all. I've always been romance guy. I've always been gentleman. That's the way I was taught. That's the way I was raised right. Okay let me and Michael Jackson got along so well is because he was a gentleman to lake he was very soft spoken. He was very quiet. You know right hands folded. There's just certain things that you learn when you learn respect and how to treat women with respect right. I learned that from both Hefner and Michael. They were both gentlemen. Okay Michael Yeah that. Why am I gonNA have thirteen? Even though he had women posing naked he wasn't he wasn't gross about it. It was classic. Yeah you've been married once retail. Oh Wow okay. There was another white before her. Vanessa Marshall This is Oh my God. This is what I did research on yesterday my whole day.

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