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Other move that the Reds made Mac shrunk was transferred to the alternate site, so he was optioned as well. And David Bell, talking about that before the game today, said We just need extra arms in the bullpen right now. We'd prefer to have that. Roster spot be a position player, grounded Nevado. At first, he'll flip to Sonny Gray, and that's out number one. Tommy Edmund, quickly retired 31. There's Dylan Carlson Carlson sitting 2 46 3 homers 11 R B I's and That's a thing that's really plagued this ST Louis team. There's two things really want is they haven't hit very well. The other is their defense actually has not been that good early on in the season. And that will be a crucial factor, especially their infield defense as long as Jim is on the mound because he is such a ground ball pitcher. Nobody on one out for Dylan Carlson. You're listening today and your car Direct radio. Please remember to buckle your safety belt. This message brought to you by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. You're not buckled up. What's holding you back? Against the sign from Tyler Stevenson. His pitch is breaking ball taken low on the Count's wanna know Arnold's Come in eight in 10 there in fifth place right now in the National League Central Division. They're coming just off a road trip. To city. Road swing. Here's the pitch. And Carlson fouls the way they've been struggling. Cardinals have lost five of their last seven games..

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