A new story from Fred and Angi


You know what you re runs of sleeping, nor am and singing in harmony, But she's surprised again. All our friends saying so unique. Mhm. So when you're gonna do her weight did that She thinks it's bad show, but it's sorry. Use. That was our place. I found the first started jokes You told her when she is with you, Do you? Deja vu and she's with you. Do you get days up? Do you get the shop? Mm hmm. So say my name is lets me Come under sound the same dress. I hate to think that I wasn't just my time. She knows still job because you played her uptown. You're singing together. I've met you even tell in between the course. So when you got it, we did that. She thinks it's sure But it's sorry use. That was so we talked about do the song She's singing the When she's with you. Do you get a job? Promise? Excuse me. Get days off you get there's a food ice cream in Don't let nobody to get freed in darkness. Like to do a machine. I was the one who you believe different one of, but there's nothing Now your chance to win $1000 and a trip to our I Heart Radio Music Festival. Text the nationwide keyword festival 202 100, You'll get a confirmation text in Ipoh Saturday their mysteries flying the station wide contest that festival to 202 100 Fred Show in the morning. Why were you left waiting by.

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