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Me no not in iowa gear i'm gonna take a wild guess wasn't a picture of me as senator yesterday anyway let's bring steve uh speed harry ognall telephone here and ham jealous some stuff we need to know right yes following i thought that that all the pictures that were thought i end up with one of them that uh at that the air that coming a basket fans irian hawkeye out fifth anyway now the folks in the midwest kind of stick together uh as see will wake him up eventually when we speed yeah yeah hey what we're not as dumb as we look well hey merry christmas happy new year we originally we're going to talk about two leftovers and some creative things to do with those after a couple of three days following the family christmas but uh but doug informs me that you're what going to cook agoos this weekend going to cook ago yeah you're good cook you know that uh uh we every year uh we're on our uh third christmas we had uh duties cousins on the gearing side we had uh i think they were like thirteen of them over ear uh on the like fifteen through 16th and then we add our immediate family uh christmas warning we did uh brunch and then uh we'll have a duty side of the her sister uh and uh grew husband larry kelly up and asked real uh them and their kids in grandkids will come down and then uh uh now we're door the grandkids have got significant others so uh we'll end up with probably someplace between twenty eight to thirty up on uh on sunday that will uh we'll do a goose and.

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