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To the Republic Bank broadcast booth. The musketeers in overtime. It knocked off by the Auburn Tigers for the final store of this ballgame over eighty eight Xavier Seventy-nine retired is seventy seven going into overtime. What's he may help each other out? Great ways happen like this one side of the Florida Brown. Like going. Oh, close here. Joe? Twenty seconds on the shot clock back to Harper. The low post the balls taken away by Scruggs he's saying Britain. Thirty eight point five seconds to go on a brilliant defense. Apply for Paul struck. The assist of the game, presented by state farm agent. That gets you and that was a great actually a defensive play by Paul Scruggs in the corner of the ball was knocked out of the post tied to stay in bounds. And we use high enough time to find his teammate. Ultimately Xavier tied the game up only to fall into overtime. It's time for today's Nissan the going extra mile performance award winner. And it is Ryan. Well, it he gets seventeen points off the bench. He was four grade from behind the ARCHE also have four rebounds, three of which were all -fensive turnovers once still, but he was outstanding in twenty two minutes of play the going extra mile performance. Award is presented by Nissan. Innovation that excites Darren how about your Chelsea defender. The gig Paul sprouts. I thought did a tremendous job a vote is floor. He scored the ball. He he rebounded the ball. He had seven rebounds and. I thought he did a good job had a couple of blocks two blocks as well. And I thought he was all over the place. The defense defensive play of the game was brought to you by Kelsey Chevrolet in lawrenceburg from their family your family. We'll take one more break viral come back with Kroger. Star of the game. The final score and over town overtime. Auburn Eighty-eight Xavier Seventy-nine this Xavier basketball from learfield on seven hundred wwl w. Member that eight out of ten Americans feel it's okay to gift candles books. Picture frames all likely to end.

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