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I wanna shooter name your price in my probably she next month or two you're gonna where you're mr mugu glasses or no i don't know man i dunno ram videos on my of corn rose by then and then check out my podcast tinfoil had adjusted a swap cast with a dunkin' trustful and they just have woman doug stanope just go to foil atwood sam tripoli and a check out my youtube page i upload something every day youtube dot com bachelor tripoli i'll put up so i call opiates for the asses which is just of thirty men of just crawl work me rip and people and then i do something called torquing in politics where i take tour videos from instagram and i put political messages over them judges you're mad men i love you instagram and we do still do punchdrunk right yeah i do punchdrunk with arch you fear i want to show you guys the bleaching but we're out of time but i did it with our should fear and jason tibo and the we're about to launch our own network we argue year ago but the fucking websites finally don good and we're going to just get a all sports comedy channel i'm happy for you and admi love you you're the food and you're the power couple of comedy your by far the funniest and you the fact that you guys are you guys are huge any a guy should be on everything all the time but i think you guys have your own wonderful things going on you know fucking need that you're the fucking two funniest people i now and you're the nice people i now we love you we levy thanks for coming tonight hijack your show no not at all it got weird with the pedophila now we we're dejan now we do this thing about marrying your mom and staff very commentary it's all it's all good men he did.

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