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Different sources this is the guy if you can see the guy was prior enlist based on the middle ages wearing it seems to me like you poorly played a joke as a naval officer i think the benefit of the dow should be spared to this guy and not make it bigger deal about it than meets the be well listen thank you very much for being with us rdr thank you so much for for wing in from what we understand and i have multiple sources on this thing that this is actually a real guy and this is how he feels and he's been tweeting out of his point of view on these kinds of issues for some time are using his twitter handle commie bebop i'm not kidding all right not kim ron's on at a rubber you first of this half hour good morning run out corner oppor arthur this is about the from the national anthem yes uh i believe that it hold down the morale of the restaurant a and that's why we law over uh overnight over country well i'm not quite sure why why we lost all the we got drubbed communism bears what a firm for me a thick with this way i heard bill o'reilly make this comment and i'm gonna steel directly from him say europe a soldier and your stationed in afghanistan no incountry somewhere the very few moments you have four real accession and recreation is to go watch some energy fell football on the armed forces network so say you're some guy from baltimore and you wanna watch the ravens play near over in afghanistan are courtship what time of day that would make it over there but you're you're ready to watch this and this is what you see on after the day before euro patrol and so took a pot shot at your house how would you feel about this particular display i would be pretty distressed actually to think that you're out there are infantry put up putting yourself in danger because this is what the army has asked you to do and what is happening is that people uh that you admire we all have our favorite football player people you admire arnall basically disrespecting respecting the flag and the.

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