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We're in for another month and a half of shoveling snow sharing Preston ABC News Maybe you'd rather hear the news from the Massachusetts ground Hog. Then miss G as she's known lives at the Mass autobahns, Drumlin Farm, Wildlife Sanctuary and Lincoln. And did not see her shadow today. So un early start to spring. Maybe it'll just be here in Massachusetts, just like ground Hog Day. The movie. We're seeing the same results almost today on Wall Street as we did yesterday, which, of course we will take Andrew. Oh, Dae. Is that Bloomberg? Er, maybe I should call Ned Ryerson if it's like ground hog death. Fill right welfare. The nexus were higher throughout the trading day and buy the clothes The market holds onto most of its session gains. Dow Up 476 of the clothes that's about 2% of the half. NASDAQ Up 209. S and P 500 up. 52. Contributing to the advance was reassurance following talks between the White House and Senate Republicans that a pandemic relief plan will happen and without to prolong a delay. At least that's the bet. After the closing bell, a thunderous bombshell piece of news from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will depart as CEO of the company he founded to be replaced by Amazon Web services. Cheap Andy Jassy basis will not go away completely. He will transition to executive chairman Meaning he will have less of a dated a role in the running of the company. Now gains 476 points today and rode a Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio. You can expect brutal wind shells along with plenty of snow this winter, But you can also expect that will be the first to tell you about it..

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