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What city would never say that. He's got the idea from steph. Oh man. I've gone down to cancel done. You don't think i'm taking this dude. It's i know it's recorded now to out of the universe basic. I don't want to go back here. He leaps off on this. I'm just going to edit out that. You should definitely not do shirts right. No see well. I'm really excited for that show. I'm really excited for the sydney smith. Show which is this sunday this sunday. A step stand up live doors open at six show starts at seven go to cities with creative nothing to be creative spelled cr the number eight t v dot com tickets like. I said before we had a couple of hundred people in the building last time. I'm shoot for three hundred. I i feel like. I feel like i'm going to get there so get your tickets. Early nice are super excited and the link is going to be in the show notes. So you guys click right there for the tickets just go. There's no excuse not to go. That is right man all right. Sometimes i have to be a little stern with my listeners. Heard all right. Well we're going to dive into some self help and advice and think you know the drill before we get into the questions. We've got an inspirational quote lined up but sydney. I know you actually. I was a two quotes that you had last time. I can't remember. But you had some pretty good ones. But i wanted to ask. Do you have any more inspirational. Quotes that you'd like to dole out to the lucky audience. You know it's funny. You ask that. Because i did not have won. But you may be thinking something. I just said announced the beta bottle last night actually because It came up with the whole thing to happen last week. I'm not sure if you're aware of ulysses or even aware about what. Sharon osborne did in high sch- reacted no. No i talk. What happened there so she was defending piers morgan. Who does not believe what megan markle had to say about like. She was going to kill herself. with everything else happening when she was living over in the royal palace So he voiced that he didn't believe her little. I know there's some. There's some side beef with piers. Morgan has been megan markle where she ignored. Some now. she wasn't he was a part of her clinic and now she's now at so. There's no siping that yet for but he says that some is co host. Push back on him..

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