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Us hardcore fans only represent fifteen percent of the market. Eighty five percent of this industry is built up by casual fans in those casual fans don't know who on a sunny is yet. But they do know who Anderson Silva is. So if there is a changing of the guard and a passing of the baton, which is appropriate and natural and common in this. You still on a witness it? If there's not and don't forget this side of the coin if there is not in the old lion can stand his ground. Come Hooker crook. That's also going to be something very special that will be in many regards. The Randy could tour versus Tim, Sylvia moment, the George Foreman vs. Michael Moore moment these things happen. At one thing. We do know about 'em. Is the better fighter? Does not always win. The guy who fights best is the guy who wins, particularly when you're dealing striking contest. And I am not attempting to influence you people to go and change your bets and put it on Anderson Selma. I believe the odds makers have correct. What have also been in the sport long enough? And I think you guys have to know it is not the better striker who wins to ever lands the strike in four ounce gloves. It is completely different. And when you have to athletes on paper on resume on your DVR from your pay per view that you purchased over the last twelve months, you know, you go see a standup fight. Neither one of them is going to look for the take. And I'm not sure either one of them even has that skill set if they wanted to they both believe in their stand up they both believe in their tricks. They both believe in their setups. And they both have proven power. And when you come down to these contests. If you want to talk about oughta Sonya being the more, polished version of a older veteran of Anderson Silva, if you want to do that go right ahead, but you don't have to look back any further than one week ago. Ryan Bater fought fate or a million Anco and landed one punch, it's. It's not about who is the better or the more accomplished or the more experienced fighter. Win your deal with four ounce gloves. You don't have to look back any further than what week ago when Erin PICO got knocked out. You don't have to look back any further than twelve months ago when Steve Amyot amyotrophic got knocked out in a fight that he was controlling, but he took one punch in a four ounce glove and that will hit the snooze button. And that will shut you off for the night in when two guys are coming out in a green openly and sincerely that we are going to stand out there and only kick box, maybe call it movie tie. If you wanna get specific because they will be looking for elbows in these guys anything can happen to the highest of levels. You will often hear in the sport about a punchers chance. Nobody can ever give you now nobody has any balls in this sport to say, this is a mismatch and who's gonna win. They will say this is a mismatch and who's going to win. And then they will hedge their statement by somebody, you know, he's got a punchers chance. It's a great talking point. It's a standout. It's also very lazy in needs to go away. Because probability wise based on the numbers of the punchers chance that we have seen over the last twenty years. You'll only gonna find five or six or seven examples at a five or six or seven hundred contests the punchers chances are real thing. It happens. A guys get it his ask kicked and the lands of punch and ends the next real thin. But I will challenge you to very quickly without thinking long main five times it's ever happened through history ever off the top of your head. It's very rare thing, and it's an even rarer thing in boxing because of the sixteen ounce gloves. Not only offensively we have a little bit more padding in your punches don't have quite the same effect..

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