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The WNBA is in talks of doing the same thing, but it doesn't feel right to talk about how Major League Baseball is ruining itself. There are so many more important things that we have to talk about and we have an incredible interview later in the show as well. But this episode is about racism peaceful protests problems that have been going on in this country since before this country was even founded it is uncomfortable stuff and it's difficult stuff and as two white women, we know that it's not really our place to talk about a lot of this stuff which is why we have a guest whose dog. Talk to us about it. But we also felt like it was important to talk about the ways that were educating ourselves and some things that we've learned over the last week. It's been really thought opening learning the things that we've learned this week and it's been really hard to watch a lot of the things that are happening in this country, but this country can't stay the way that it's been weaned off and every person in this country needs to feel safe and accepted and loved we can't if we talked about wanting Sports to be a safe place for everybody or Hypocrites. If we don't talk about the world's leading to be a safe space for everybody, right and things have been said about the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis or up in me of in Minneapolis Police Officer things have been said much more eloquently than the words we could even construct. I would like us to talk about some of the things that we've learned over the last week because I've log So much. I'm not going to make this about being Jewish. This isn't about anti-Semitism or Judaism. But somebody that I really admire wrote a nice thing on Instagram just talking as a Jewish person about all of this and said I'm writing this only a short distance from the reichstag building where Hitler first spoke of his plan for the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe in the following years the world watched a six million Jews were murdered in a barbaric effort to restore racial Purity across the continent in the last few days of reading and reflection. I learned how Hitler look to the Jim Crow laws in the United States and other legal codes based on white supremacy as inspiration for the first anti-jewish laws implemented in Germany to designate my people as subhuman. I am not trying to plug the Jewish plate into the current narrative for black lives. This isn't our struggle with one we must fight in because we too were once desperate for active allies and still depend on them today that really just stuck with me because it's true and at the end of day what time? Keep coming back to is that all human beings underneath the color of our skin eyes hair the way we look we all have blood and bones and hearts and brains and that's what.

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