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Met and thought some two dozen were arrested. Earlier, the president indicated the support was mutual at the pro Trump rally. Wow! He tweeted thousands of people forming in Washington, D C for stopped the steel. They cheered as Trump passed overhead and Marine one. But in dozens of cases all the way up to the Supreme Court. Any notion of a stolen election has been rejected. Amy held NPR news. Iran today, some in the end voice of Germany and France after the two countries criticized Tehran for executing an Iranian dissident journalist yesterday, Ruhollah Zom was convicted of fomenting violence. During anti government protests in 2017. The U. K and you are extending post Brexit trade talks beyond today's deadline. They've already gone on for 11 months, and negotiators are still at an impasse on fishing rights and British waters and you rules for fair competition. They're hoping to avoid major disruptions at the end of the year before their divorce takes effect. January 1st. Britain's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson warns to be prepared for no deal. This is NPR. This is W. N. Y. C in New York, and he asked me in Con Corona virus. Vaccines are beginning to arrive in our area this weekend now that federal officials have approved them, New York is slated to get 170,000 doses of the Fizer vaccine, health care workers and nursing home residents and staff get first priority for the shots and they could get them as soon as tomorrow. The New York Times reports that more than 106,000 doses will go to Connecticut and 76,000 to New Jersey. Representative Max Rose, a Staten Island Democrat, appears all but certain to enter the mayoral race in New York City. The New York Times reports that Rose is exploring a bid and casting his potential candidacy as a sharp rebuke of the De Blasio administration. Rose recently lost his reelection bid to Nicole Mallia Takis, a Republican member of the State Assembly. If he runs Rose would join a field of more than 30 contenders listed with the city's campaign finance board. Long Island has seen a surge in applications for handgun permits. This year. Applications are up 80% in Nassau County compared to 2019 there at more than 140% and Suffolk County's five largest towns. Newsday's reporter Thomas Maier says interest in gun ownership peaked at the beginning of the pandemic in March, and the protests overjoyed George Floyd's death in June even though Long Island hasn't seen an increase in violent crime. The reality of crime on Long Island. So actually, if anything has gone down, so that fear that people have really isn't justified by the fact. Crime was down in both Nassau and Suffolk counties between January and September compared to last year. Currently at our high Today of about 58 degrees..

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