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Can has the latest UCLA has barely changed course on plans to use facial recognition software on campus a spokesman says UCLA is working to modify a policy to explicitly prohibit the use of facial recognition technology the plan was to incorporate the software into the school surveillance system but some students complain some expressed concerns over privacy others said the policy would disproportionately affect students of color and people from over policed communities news brought to you by cutting dental group the riverside county sheriff says he's looking for a guy he believes is responsible for the murders of three men Chad bianco says Jose Jose Luis Torres Garcia killed Garcia's buddies and left their bodies at a graveside in Paris he does have ties to the city of San Jose and we talk on Mexico he says Garcia's thirty three years old five foot nine hundred eighty pounds and has a number of aliases Bianca says it's not clear if this murder is related to a Mexican drug cartel a state lawmaker wants to keep gas and electric companies in California from taking a state tax deduction on penalties imposed for safety violations senator Jerry hill says his bill would immediately apply to Pacific gas and electric but obscene repeat you need to think that they can have a billion dollar plus tax break on a financial obligation that the company agreed to shoulder as a penalty a similar bill five years ago related to the gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno failed China has confirmed one hundred eighteen more deaths from the covert nineteen corona virus more than twenty two hundred people have died of the virus in mainland China mostly in the whole bay province where the city of Wuhan as big total number of confirmed cases in China is more than seventy five thousand another thirteen hundred cases have been reported in other countries many of them in South Korea and on a cruise ship docked in Japan an atheist in Kentucky gets to claim his custom license plate the man sued in twenty sixteen when the state denied his vanity plate calling it vulgar and obscene a federal court ruled the man could have the plate that reads I'm god as a matter of free speech the state also has to pay a hundred fifty thousand dollars in attorney's fees and court costs from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy we've got a crash in downtown LA if that sort of a tender if we get to the one ten with the left lane is blocked things are pretty heavy coming away from about la Brea what's that study to see some delays off and on for the five to the one ten and again from Arlington over to Robertson as a heading into mission Viejo north instead of the five approaching the seventy three hearing about a crash in the right lane to have just started back up there and actually stays pretty slow so parkway and it really bad record heading through lake Elsinore northbound side of the fifteen freeway it looks like right before you get to river canyon rather only the left lane is open and traffic is jammed solid from just before Bundy canyon K..

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