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Samantha's own therapy. He received his first dose of that yesterday, and our plan is to continue that for the time being. That's a drug, according to Harvard Medical School is used to reduce inflammation and that can happen to the lungs with covert 19. No word on any lung scan results from the president. His lead physician, Dr Sean Conley, says that Mr Trump's oxygen levels dropped Friday before being taken to the hospital and again yesterday briefly and he needed additional oxygen that confirms what sources told ABC News. So why all the evasiveness? When asked about that yesterday, Conley gives two reasons I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude. Team president. There's course of illness has had, um I didn't want to give any any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction on doing so, you know, came off. That we're trying to hide. Something was initially true. ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. It's such a such a problem when you have not just the political team at the White House, but the medical team at the White House come out and give a briefing with information that turns out to be flatly wrong. Hopefully this time he's giving us information that is correct. You're listening to ABC News. I absolutely love my dog. But the constant shedding not so much, But then I got a Swiffer sweeper, pet kid, and it is amazing thes super thick cloths pick up a crazy amount of hair. Just look at all that. And that was from just one swipe. And the best part sweepers so much easier to maneuver than a broom or vacuum easily getting around chairs and under the couch. You're right now. I can focus on you. Not your shedding Swiffer sweeper Pet kid because shed happens. With so many new pet owners. Cheesy.

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