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This was an actual, you know, it happened a few days ago, and they're hundreds of miles away their hundreds and hundreds of that. That's not invasion who could ever have guessed. How could Jim look at me. I'm Jim Acosta have ever guessed that people hundreds of miles away moving in our direction would eventually reach our border. I mean, hundreds of miles away. That's like an eternity. They've just keep walking for forever. I mean, it was it was stupid on its face. Trump was entirely entirely in the right. And then the people charged the border. You can't just let them come in. And so the and they were throwing things at our border agents. As Trump said, they would Trump said, look, they did it in Mexico. What makes you think they're not going to do it? Here those pictures that Jim look at me. I'm Jim Acosta were that he was referring to those pictures pictures of them storming fences in Mexico. So Trump was absolutely right to say they were going to do that here as well. Why not why wouldn't they do the exact same thing? Totally in the right. And of course, now the networks play the gassing oats gassing of children. Oh, my the stuff on Twitter yesterday. Unbelievable, this inhuman beast this. And he is gassing children is gassing children. Here's the way the network played. It the images of the tear gas used at the US Mexico border seen across the country and the world thousands of migrants. From that caravan have now arrived into wanna some of them breaking through Mexican security US border patrol than firing tear gas at them this mother and her children among those caught indicate offs tonight. President Trump was asked about the tear gas. We met sixteen year old Henry covered those bandages and one of the things that he says is that. He's not going to stop. He wants to still get into the United States, and he's not going to quit now. Just because he was going to the glances forced to Thonis to close. The sandy seizure of port of entry one of the busiest on the planet for nearly seven hours thousands of people most there legally stranded at the border. Officers are trying to keep the peace after hundreds of mush the US Mexico border yesterday started as a peaceful March turned into chaos US, authorities fired tear gas at mostly adult males. But some of it women and children including Maria Mesa her escape captured in this dramatic photo. We caught up with her today. When I see that photo. I just want to cry. She says claiming that she wasn't crossing the border illegally, but trying to reach it to apply for asylum. So I told you that photo, right? It's going to win the Pulitzer. I told you it was a big big deal that picture it reminded me of the napalm girl. I don't know if you remember of seen the picture in one thousand nine sixty three in Vietnam the Southie. Aetna AMIS who are allies accidentally mistook a village for a force of Viet Cong, and they napalm them in this little girl came running naked out of the village screaming and that became an iconic picture, Richard Nixon at one point wondered was posed. I mean, people have been wondering about this picture was it pose it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You know, as as boss tweed when said about the cartoons that brought help bring down his administration people don't read, but they can look at the pictures, and that's what they're depending on here. And of course, you know. Not only not only are. Well, let let's start with tear-gas. Let's start with this. The Washington Times has reported that the same tear gas agent that the Trump administration is taking heat for deployment against a border mob. This weekend is actually used fairly frequently including more than once a month during the leader years of President Obama's administration, according to homeland security data US customs and border protection has used the what's called CS since two thousand ten and deployed twenty six times in fiscal twenty twelve and twenty seven times in two thousand thirteen the use dropped after that. But was still deployed three times in two thousand sixteen Mr. Obama's final full year in office UCS rose again and fiscal 2017, which was split between Obama and Trump. So it's something they do. So they don't have to kill people..

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