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They got off a plane in fort belvoir in virginia to cheers from loved ones babak like namazi whose brother siamak namazi was held in iran for eight years we take it for granted having a family together we've been apart for eight years and finally we're together and it feels completely unbelievable and we're grateful for this moment really and then we're gonna start building our lives again namazi a businessman along with venture capitalist imad sarji and conservationist morad tabas were held on spying charges which the u .s government denies the real real hero of this story surviving eight years of brutal treatments but never never losing hope two other americans were released but wanted their names withheld in the deal president biden released five iranians along with unfreezing six billion in oil assets a move criticized by some republicans i'm julie walker it's tilled on america in the morning a special election for a seat in the pennsylvania state house has given democrats control of that keystone state chamber lindsey powell won the special house race in a district in pittsburgh and that victory gives democrats a one -seat majority 102 to 101 giving dems control of the state house and governor's office in a key battleground state pennsylvania governor josh shapiro also announced the state will now automatically register residents to vote when they get their driver's license or state -issued id youtube says russell brand will no longer make money from the video streaming site correspondent charles de la desma explains ellie tom said a senior lecturer in media and communications at birmingham city university in england who studies the stand -up circuit says it comes as no surprise that the shows have been pulled i think it was necessary in the make of any huge allegations i think the immediate responses we don't know how this is going to play out so i think a lot of people would have encouraged him to cancel it tom said ads brand is a product of a live comedy scene that was riddled with misogyny and still is despite progress made by women and others to diversify the comic landscape there's lots of ways that problematic people are recovered within the industry so there is a template there brand has denied allegations of sexual assault published by three uk media organizations charles dilladesma them another big government computer system has been hacked this time at the international criminal court that handles war crimes here's chuck palm with that in today's tech news news international the criminal court at the hague said on tuesday their computer systems have been hacked this is a breach of one of the world's most high -profile international institutions and one that handles highly sensitive information about war crimes in a statement the ICC said immediate measures were adopted to respond to the cyber security incident and to mitigate its impact highly sensitive documents that the ICC could include anything from criminal evidence to the names of protected witnesses though the court did not part of the system had been accessed lawyers for crypto kingpin sam bankman freeze said that his parents are fighting against back claims made by FTX which is now suing them lawyers for joe bankman and barbara freed said this this is a dangerous attempt to intimidate joe and barbara and undermined a jury process just days before their child's trial begins the filing claims that bankman lobbied his son to increase his salary from 200 000 a year to invoked invoked his mother to push this forward for more tech news visit all the top tech .tech i'm chuck nine till on america in the morning robert workman has a check of midweek sports the braves battered village the last night nine to three ronald lacuna jr hit his 38th and 39th homers and stole his 67th base he could become baseball's first 4070 player ever spencer schrider struck out 11 won and his 18th orioles clocked the astros nine five austin hayes hit two of their four home runs rays scored four on the eighth atop the angels two -way star shohei otani had surgery on his right elbow yesterday his surgeon says otani should be ready to hit by opening day and resume pitching in 2025 blue jay spanked the yankees george springer celebrated his 34th with birthday his 57th lead -off home run cubs buried the pirates alexander canario hit a grand slam in the eighth were his first homer in the show padres blank the rockies blake snell threw seven and the dads got the win on sander bogart's walk off homer twins shut out the reds kentamaeda and the clarks with a four -eighter willie castro homeward and made two nice catches in center field we just go out there you know to help out the features you know you gotta just make good plays you know just get some good reads out there minnesota's magic number to clinch the al central is three milwaukee's magic number in the nl central is six the brewers bought the cardinals wins for the diamondbacks dodgers rangers mariners marlins nationals and royals nfl defensive lineman julius peppers and tight end antonio gates each a three -time all -pro lead the list of nine first -time nominees for the pro football

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