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Won. The nfl are traded Meal was was churning today between the arizona cardinals and the philadelphia eagles Zach ertz goes for being a bird on the east coast to a bird on the west coast is he is now airs on a cardinal. The cardinals stand it. Hey gowan and twenty twenty two fifth round pick to philly now according to adam schefter. The cardinals traded for earth's quote with the idea of making him. A regular feature part of its offense and urge has told others in the past not arizona appeal to him now zakar. It's thirty years old. We saw him catch a touchdown including four other catches last night on thursday night football against the tampa. Bay buccaneers historically quicken's varies offenses in arizona. Have not used president however we did see a lot of williams this year until he had these season ending knee injury. This is obviously good. News dallas goddard who does not have to contend with zach earth's anymore in the philly offense feral. But you look at zakar. It's now is the arizona carnot andrea hopkins's iran more christian kirk. Aj green chase. Edmunds all viable. Pass catchers there. How does that kurtz figure into the arizona offense and how we use that to our advantage and fantasy football well You know you check all the boxes here bulky and yes i've been a big fans is days back with the niners. I'm soap ways that he gets this sort of platform to show his skills. I think even at thirty years old. He's one of the best pass catching ideas. But i still viewing mrs slot receiver. There's so many mismatch problems and you mentioned it all these guys on arizona. All this offensive talent will drive their defensive coordinator crazy put zach hurts into the situation. It's even more of a problem and yeah from week to week guys are going to step up the years on offense. I doubt if we're going to see what we see around other teams. Where you you might get a receiver like hopkins who has targeted twelve thirteen..

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