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Wtmj rokon and you coming up in about about fifteen minutes so we'll talk about bill maher he apologize for using the inward on his tv show we'll we'll talk about the fact that the is time for this word go away and we'll we'll talk about why in just a few minutes less than fifteen minutes right here on wtmj we're talking about the london terror attack and you know was interesting say it we were talking during the break in now it every single tear related attack is back but what's interesting about this one was the fact that seven people died forty eight were injured and there are still several people who were injured that have life threatening injuries but this one was relatively low in terms of the numbers of relatively small compared to what we have been seen and maybe perhaps because these these guys were using knives when they got out of the van used the van in in they and they use knives and also do the fact that the police once this happened police responded to this right away and in the day the lead responded and they put down the the attackers and then they went and carried out raids early early sunday morning and they've made twelve arrest so far so hats off to to the london police who were really on top of this considering this could have been a whole lot worse but have we become numb to this though because it because it happened in london have we become known to a so when you when you watch on television do you say oh thank goodness is not here or if it's not hear it doesn't really doesn't really affect me or or you are you mine four wherever this is wherever this happens for one four seven.

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