John Lewis, ROY, Rumour discussed on Imus in the Morning


And right from the folks i've talk or you know i especially those that are are are on the evangelical sects side of things they event christians in some of the rule counties with this state that they look at war and morally seen the career here's john lewis surprised by these accusations they said this isn't further one more we know and uh so you guys obviously making this stuff up and and and all all sorts of stuff like that in other countries have heard some of that so split as you know and uh you know john shots with this alabama mediagroup talking about the roy more story i thought rumour said something the kenny hit on that yesterday when he was at his uh his speech that he made in alabama any thoughts the speakers in repeated a lot of what he said in the past about ever it was a political hit job and the like but then he hit on what he thinks should happen in this speech to the issues in the party who needs to step down as mitch mcconnell got a pretty fired up right john that the you know forget were not forget were and more but you know whatever happens in this race there's the split in this party and i wonder again from people you're speaking to down there that are republicans and have been for many years you know if you talk to him ten years ago they would've loved a guy like mitch mcconnell it just is a republican he's been there is a conservative but now law of people grass roots people just can't stand the guy it's interesting it really is triggered chris patten are more and more comments are not premier crime are made me uh uh barrack during the runoff election coverage and senator who her strained who were interestingly an op ed north by donald trump or you were also heavily backed by our current leadership on mitch mcconnell and and you know i would rather an event down here fair hope alabama deep southern states which steve bannon was in attendance and you know he's spoken pretty much first real high profile public of that by mr van since he left the white house made symbol comments low mitch mcconnell gotta go and the type of people who need to send the washington is war and more.

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