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Time he spent more than half his life behind bars. It made his prison cell feel more like home than any place. He knew. Okay with that Greg now has two point. Sodas four to two in favor of Vanessa. Well we now know Charles Charles. Manson the early years so as we bring this round to close. Let's transition from prison to freedom in California after being released Manson made. It is way to San Francisco right as the summer of Love was starting on the hippie culture at the time boded well for Manson's unconventional lifestyle and love of of Hallucinogenic Drugs and he began attracting groupies soon. He was pushing religious philosophies on them so for question number. Eight which spiritual figure did. Several followers soon compare to Charles Manson a Jesus. Christ be the the Dalai Lama see Muhammad Vanessa. Jesus Christ a just that is right. Jesus Christ is right. Manson began talking about the the end of the world and the judgement of humanity which only pushed their comparisons to Jesus more so it is now five. Two in favor of Vanessa Soon Manson and his his family of six women move towards Los Angeles settling in various areas. This is when Manson's interest in being a singer. Songwriter comes into play but for question number nine which member of the beach boys did they meet and move in with for a summer. A Dennis. Wilson B Brian Wilson C.. Carl Wilson. Greg Be Brian Wilson that his his incorrect on frayed. Do you have. I guess. A Dennis Wilson. Dennis Wilson is correct. He meant to of Manson's followers when he picked him up hitchhiking king on sunset boulevard and took them to his rental home. Little did he know the entire family would eventually show up and stay. Manson even shared his desire to be a musician with Wilson who introduced him to industry contacts including executive Terry Melcher. Who at the time lived on Cielo drive in Los Angeles? Louis okay. The score stands at six to two in favor of Vanessa. How after Dennis Wilson purposely let his lease expire and moved out of his rental home Manson and his followers discovered what would become their headquarters in the San Fernando Valley question number ten to finish out this round? What was the name? Some of the ranch where the Manson family would become famously based a Panga ranch be spawn. Ranch see see cal Amigos Ranch Greg be spahn ranch. That's correct now. The spahn ranch was an old fifty five edgar movie. Ranch used for Westerns in Chatsworth California. And it's where Manson would settle his family and really begin to push. His Armageddon. Conspiracies Parisi's okay. With that point greg is up to three and Vanessa still has six and we are now at the halfway mark. We've followed Manson from troubled child to full blown California cult leader when we come back the trivia gets more difficult in round two as we get into Charles Manson's since teachings that ultimately lead to murder and one of our players will be eliminated from the game. Why looking can get me to find out what happens next? Listen to killer knowledge free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts..

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