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You bay area weather for overnight will be partly cloudy lows into the upper 50s clear sunday partly cloudy becoming mostly sunny from wnyc studios this is freaking out mix radio here's your host stephen deppner even if you don't follow football at all you've likely heard that it has a huge problem it was really win guys started blowing their brains out and having there you know the brain tissue examined for a degenerative brain disease that's when things started getting pretty eighty that's ellen schwartz and emma journalist and author based in new york the brain disease is called c t e or chronic traumatic encephalopathy it's act characterized by our our deposition of a protein called town uh and that accumulates in our cells and other cells throughout the brain an mckee is a neuropathologist who directs his cte center at boston university school of medicine so it starts is very focal problems are abnormalities matan over the decades become i devastating her logical condition it causes memory loss cognitive changes behavioral changes likened crashing impulsively depression and down it can be very disabling with time alan schwartz wrote a hundred and thirty articles for the new york times about concussion or brain trauma in sports primarily football there were two reasons why this blew up in football's face or the nfl's face one is players started dying and were found to have the brain disease okay and then the nfl put up such a fuss saying oh there's nothing happening here we have our scientists who have shown i mean they played the perfect villain we had something the resembled the tobacco industry former players were dying young sometimes by suicide older players were completely losing their faculties and occasionally a current player quit the game young afraid of longterm brain damage i think as far as the nfl goes they're bullies and they have been able to quash every public relations problem in their history whether it's domestic violence recently whether it's steroids whether it's the strikes and lockouts i mean there are games to be played on sunday and everyone forgets by then by this is one public relations crisis that they have lost on my feelings about the sport if definitely evolved the brain researcher in mckee again.

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