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Lifesaving medical devices. Learn Mauritz safety action center dot pg e dot com. Good morning. It's 8 30. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston. President elect Joe Biden has announced the formation of his Corona Virus advisory board. Members will be tasked with developing a plan to combat the pandemic as fighting prepares to take office. Dr. Ashish Jha is the dean of Brown University School of Public Health, He says the next several months will be critical in getting the recent surge of the virus under control. This expert panel is not gonna have a lot of not gonna have a lot of power right now, so They can do a lot still to try to begin to help the country move forward, but they're ultimately gonna have the biggest impact. Once Mr Biden is actually in office. The United States has recorded nearly 10 million cases of the Corona virus. Control of the U. S. Senate will come down to two runoff races in Georgia early next year. A meal Moffett from member Station W. E reports. Republican Kelly Leffler and her Democratic challenger, Raphael Warnock, emerged as the top two vote getters in an open primary last week. Meanwhile, intent that David Produce failed to eclipse the 50% barrier needed to avoid a runoff against Democrat John Run off elections are set for January. 5th Democrats need to win both Senate seats in orderto have a 50 50 split. Pamela Harris as vice president would serve as a tiebreaker and they'll Moffett reporting this is NPR news in Washington Live from KQED News on Brian Watt in Oakland. Head of one of the East Bay's largest school district is stepping down. The superintendent of West Contra Costa Unified is leaving the district at the end of his contract in June. He says he wants to make way for the new leadership. After four new members were elected to the board. Cupid's Julia McAvoy Reports Superintendent Matthew Duffy took over the district five years ago and has been able to improve teacher retention increased graduation rates. And we'll leave the district with 35 million and reserves, but he was nearly fired last year after an unforeseen accounting hit, pushed the district to have to make deep cuts and increased class sizes. Duffy says the pressures of running a district during a pandemic may give pause to his successor. So I do think it'll push people to think about how much they want Teo and can take on Duffy says the challenges that lie ahead include digging in on race and equity issues important to the community. I'm Julia McAvoy Security News. A state legislative committee is set to hear from experts today about expanding the use of controlled burns to reduce to catastrophic nature of wildfires. Several government and nonprofit agencies say California must dramatically increased the acreage. It's burns on purpose. Clear out excess vegetation before it can fuel a wildfire. The assembly's natural resource is committee is holding the hearing to gather information about how the state currently uses prescribed burning and how it could be expanded. I'm Brian. What news Support comes from Fergus Garber architects with integrity and artistry. They design custom homes that reflect how their clients live, work and play. Support for Kiki We D comes from fieldwork brewing. Locally owned and operated fieldwork features,.

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