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Streaming live at K N B R dot com. Yeah. Man, James Lofton from Stanford University. Joining us. The bottom of the hour. You know, Bob, if we're going to talk about them. Divisional playoff games coming up this weekend. We only had one mandate. We have to deal with the hall of fame. Air go. You got strict rules James Lofton got to be a principal person. The James Lofton has been a part of various good NFL teams throughout his career. And so I think he knows what what playoffs look like and smell like does. He know what a raider, smells like. I will not ask him that question. We have both been troubled over the last couple of days of what we perceived to be. It seems as though the NCAA is is messing with the laws of of nature. And I think this is the the biggest problem in college football today because. When you believe in things, you don't understand you'll suffer here. Here's a prescription ain't the way in messing around with the dark arts messing around with the space time continuum, that's a problem. And this is something that the NCAA is engaging in and Bob, I I am surprised that we were the only two people in sports media who seemed to be disturbed by by what's going on K. So when you think of a new restaurant or a hot club or something and you find out about it or even if you're traveling and you hear about area fifty one made it makes you want to go to these places. Now, I knew for time memorium over the last several years. Okay. Clemson's quarterback Kelly Bryant will transfer to Missouri. Okay. They transfer. We we hear those type of things right? Jalen hurts is going to transfer else. Got the kicker coal Tracy transferred into school. Okay. We're very familiar with that seems simple. But when I hear Jalen hurts. And then today tape Martell of Ohio State have entered the transfer portal. One. I don't even know that place exists. We weren't supposed to know about this. Bob K to what happens to these kids when they go in there. This is how you know the NCAA has too much money. They apparently had built a machine a portal the transfer order that will allow these guys to basically because they're transferring go anywhere they want so just a place, but I will assume that any point in time in human history. So the problem. Yeah. I mean, this is are they transferring in before they throw that forty yard pass. It's an ano of fits open or the DB's. This is dangerous stuff in too deep coverage like like the player movement in college football. But when you have guys going into portal's, these are things that we don't understand when did they come out of the transfer portal. They in there, and is it like in the Terminator where you have to be. But naked remember that. Right. Right. You can't you couldn't go through the portal through Tom. We close. Clothing is this is what happened right now? So I need to. Jalen hurts. Cleanly shaven when he comes back out, the the dreads all gone what I need to I need to know. Dumb and pretentious way to say. These kids have started the process of leaving one school and going to another we need to gussie that up with something. This is all about marketing. I know we'll call it a transfer portal with dumb middle-management. Yeah. But it's dope came up with this. The breathless reporting of they've entered the transfer portals. The process of going somewhere else. Why do we call it entering the transfer portal? Dummies absolute dummies with far too much money too much power. Yeah. I I just I I'm fascinated by this. I do want to get into the transfer Puerto low just to see what it's all about. Well, I wanted to wear it is again once the guy goes in when he gets spit out who's eligible to go into this who's not. I mean, just the other team is other team like a quarterback taking a shotgun snap that the player comes out of the transfer portal. And he's just like, you know, jettison right to your campus. I mean is there music when you walk in, Mike?.

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