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Francis zero governor Mario Cuomo met the president at the White House to try to resolve a problem involving federal officials not accepting trusted traveler applications from New York state what Constantinopolitan Cuomo did not speak with media at the White House acting homeland security secretary job will issued a statement though suggesting there was no firm resolution quote today I joined president trump and governor Cuomo for a productive meeting the relationship between York state and the federal government is very important New York is the only state that restricts customs and border patrol access to their data across the board despite that we will continue discussions with the state of New York to find a mutually agreeable solution journey General bill Barr push back on critics Thursday who say he's too eager to do the president's betting told ABC news that the president sometimes makes its job quote impossible or also denied being influenced by the president to step in and lower sentencing recommendations Roger stone interview raising some doubt among some observers who charge that bar attempting to deflect criticism on his decision overruled prosecutors president trump plans to divert more military funding to building the border wall and Congress isn't happy about the trump administration is transferring three point eight billion dollars in military funding to help finance the construction while Democrats are angry some Republicans also are concerned including mac Thornberry of Texas he's the top Republican on the house Armed Services Committee in a statement Thornberry says Congress has the constitutional authority to determine how defense dollars are spent the reprogramming targets funds meant for the National Guard aircraft procurement and shipbuilding and it comes on top of the two billion dollar funding request for the defense department contained in the president's fiscal twenty twenty one budget Linda Kenny on Capitol Hill Republican senators joined Democrats to pass the war powers resolution Thursday measure would require the president to remove US troops engaged in hostilities was Congress declares war.

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