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It gets cold. The Hoboken Mayor Ravi Moloch has a plan We have specifically integrated. He left to address that concern propane or electric heaters would be permitted with proper approvals. Andrew Ritchie wants New York to do this. He leads his city's restaurant trade group. We need the city to approve all different types of heating units. Outdoors for restaurants to use, Richie says. This is about survival for restaurants. Peter has school that Hue City as news radio 80 staying in. Oh, broken. Apparently, there's a problem with boats are Mac Rosenberg explains. You're used to seeing boats on the Hudson River, but in Hoboken at Weehawken Cove, There are boats buried deep below the Hudson and mayor Ravi Bhalla says. It's a problem. You know, we've been grappling with this for a number of years, 17 boats have been abandoned in the cove. A number of them have completely song so they're not visible to the public. Some of them have sunk, but the master is visible. Bhalla says It wasn't a last resort, but asking the federal government for help. Wasn't a first resort. Either. This opportunity came into our lap, and it's precisely for the purposes that you know we seek your move the boats Hoboken is applying for a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which could give the city 100 for $1000 to get the boats out of the cove. Mac Rosenberg Double The CBS News Radio 80 WCBS news time 5 48 Way check traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the eights with Andre Farrell. It's going to Northern Westchester counties. You travelling south bound of psychotic right around Pleasantville Road seems to be some slow moving traffic..

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