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Yeah i just. Don't i don't i honestly. I don't know if impacts how you tell your stories or if it's your life experience because of your you know because of your gender you know so as a woman growing up by was formed and shaped in a certain way and therefore the way i tell stories is the way i just don't like to have it be about gender quite honestly yeah and then in terms of the stories that you choose that you gravitate toward Tour does it. Is it like you know. i wanna tell more. Women's stories or is now it's actually been the opposite. I would say my first film about a wrongfully convicted african american man in winston salem north carolina Mostly man. and you know there was a woman reporter who broke broke some zoom profound stuff. But you know. I would say and then like we did a film about knuckleball pitchers. All men I did a film called in my father's house about a rapper in chicago in his homeless father. Lots of male driven masculine kinds of stories I actually sorta shy. I think i wasn't that interested in women's stories quite honestly i. I don't know why because rain washed by the patriarchy navy. Maybe i was directed because it was john. I'm just attracted to the individuals individuals in great stories. Yeah great well. Everyone can find Surviving death on net flicks can look up your other What will your. Your website is breakthrough yet. It's spelled g. wanna spell. it is and i'm gonna put it on this show notes. Well okay. it's its breakthrough but through his t h. Are you how. I spell it on my texts with a slam And then are you a social media. person should follow. Can we find really. You're seeing a hidden people. People are people are following. My which. I don't even know or whatever my twitter and unlike people never gonna post okay. We'll get to know. I'll still tag you you never know and i'm really appreciate it was so great to quote unquote meet you and thank you for all of your great work and i hope i'm looking forward to whatever you do next. Oh thank you so much was it was fun to talk with you and Yeah and good luck on your on all the work. You're doing these object thank you..

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