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Cast play more than seventy rolls believes become cotton brokers after the civil war. They open a Bank to fund reconstruction. Invest in the railroads the Panama Canal survived the depression. Instincts. Then people banks. Breathe. Finance? Shares. Teams run through the three hour play is the lemans and their descendants Bill businesses over the decades the family's Jewish faith ebbs play, right? Ben power who also serves as deputy artistic director at the national theatre in London explains. When the first Leeman in America dies Henry, they Sheva for the full seven days generation after generation these debts come she very sat within the play. But the time gets sheltering you'll two three days one day, three minutes. Silence. Ultimately, no, tool power sees these fading rituals as symbols of simulation. The roots of the company the roots of the family. The homeland is lost in a way they lose that relationship with gold. The second theme traces would prove to be fatal shift in the family business. Leman brothers moved from selling physical products such as cotton to trading eventually in synthetic financial ones like collateralized debt obligations to Leeman family. Finally, sells the firm, which is eventually taken over by traders. Again, Ben power with that move come the seats of its destruction because there is a hubristic level of aggression built into the philosophy of trading Leeman. And it's that which ultimately takes the company bankruptcy. The Park Avenue armory in Manhattan, these staging Leeman trilogy not too far from where Leman brothers used to operate pure Audi's, the arms artistic director, he says more than a decade after Lehman's collapse. The story remains highly relevant says something about time and probably about the the next hundred years who the.

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