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The world is listening right now she's got her fingers in her ears that's pretty scary it's cool your watch unsolved mysteries Robert stack it was it was a great show yeah there was one with far Jonathan Frakes from from the start drag N. G. road I mean he had a great one I don't know I don't know if it what it was called though and that's not sorry I'm sorry I know why I'm laughing at just you mentioned the name Jonathan Frakes and as to what was his character's name I hope my god if you were gonna be so mad breaker yeah that's it records right best best Star Trek character ever Reicher no yes come on Shatner man now did you watch the next generation not really well there you go you are I saw the movies yeah so the next generation movies I never really watched the original Star Trek either or any of the spin offs I wasn't a big big Star Trek fair enough whatever movies they made I saw yeah and I like plenty of them I thought I remember really liking that generation movie with the boards it didn't work where Patrick Stewart becomes a Borg yeah I remember really like an adult Selby had Jonathan Frakes had one you leave it'll merit three one two nine eight one seven hundred is the phone number unsolved crimes what we're talking about Robert stack we're Izzy we'll we'll find out talk more about it three one two nine eight one seven two.

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