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Don't last twice as long they just use their phone twice as much during the day right so even the consumer behaviour capacity quickly it's not just yes very quickly it adopts a i'm not sure what's happening here but yeah i mean beyond his immunity goals is is on point there kazys these sort of locked up in frozen in ah who okay anyway his uh because i agree jewels i agree um anyway any holders of are now someone's someone's trying to call this is this is the the best live show up ever so you know like apples points here especially like trying to anticipate way what this use might look like in 2019 i think also stands is a small commentary in like what do we expect the longevity of our phones to be yell at that seren rocket in iphone 7 yeah they used to have a pretty good sense of what their phone of what an iphone how long an iphone showed or would last and end this kind of leads us right into the other serie to about apple now admitting that they reduce performance based on the battery age battery degradation and battery on javadi and we have a big problem when it comes to things like disclosure i think that's really almost always accompanies biggest fault is instead of getting out ahead of the story instead a once inklings of this commentary are starting to make it through larger publications apple waited until there was like a mountain of evidence against them and then it makes them look like they're withholding uh because they are they are withholding a certain aspect of the performance of this phone when they've always sort of it in inferred not inferred insinuated that this wasn't something that they were doing that was just sort of a psychosomatic response to newer software being run on older phones when in reality they were actually changing up the performance of the device and so had this to spend disclosed or had consumers been given an option you know like hey you're battery will last less so you can have the full performance of the phone and just flicked the switch i don't think there'd be an issue i don't think there would have been a problem but now we're talking about thousand dollar phones were talking about top tier performance were talking about the next generation of services and apple needs to be.

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