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A thousand times by guys at bars and angry commenters online. The one thing. That joe louis fist is not about is the divide between the city and suburbs in fact after my work on this. It's more than a monument to one of the greatest boxers. The world has known. I think it's one of the most patriotic statues in america. We're going to hop around a bit. But let's i turn the calendar back to nineteen thirty. six adolf. Hitler was quickly gaining power. In europe the nazi regime was spewing hatred around the world part of that misinformation campaign was to rise up quote racially perfect unquote athletes to show the quote. Superiority unquote of the aryan race boxer. Max schmeling became for a while his poster boy for this but the motor city had an answer in joe. Louis but who was joseph louis barrault. He wasn't born here. That was near lafayette alabama nineteen fourteen but his family arrived twelve years later during the gogo times. Been nineteen twenties in one thousand. Nine hundred ninety six detroit was booming. The skyline was very different. That's the same year. The tall part of the book tower on washington boulevard was freshly complete iconic structures. We see today like the guardian building and the scott tower had not been built instead of the bad detroit. Lions we had the final season of the terrible detroit panthers in the nfl. The city was comfortably more than a million people strong. It'd be like today. If the entirety of oakland county lived only in the city limits in fact those city limits. We know today. Only it'd been just established that year in nineteen twenty six is when the final bits of the west side and the east side were annexed in detroit of a century ago was a very different place in truth outside of the street names and a couple select neighborhoods it be almost unrecognizable to the people who live in metro detroit. Today joseph louis barrow spent his teenage years growing up in the city's black bottom neighborhood a segregated area that was mostly and very intentionally erased by the construction of three seventy five and what we call lafayette park today. At the time black people could only legally live in certain areas of town. And even then if you step too far out a mob would pull your front porch off as a warning or worse but one building stands today albeit in ruins. Lewis spent a lot of time and learn boxing at the brewster recreation center. Some real audio clips of the now joe. Louis.

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