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And in this world wind of multiple health issues. Choose the good news is with some drastic changes to my diet and some key supplements. I was able to get off three prescription medications. So I I guess you could say I know quite a bit about chronic health problems. I also know that what I eat or what I don't eat makes a big difference in how well I manage my the health and my pain Theresa Wagner's joining us this morning. Good Morning Teresa. Good morning and as our co host races also registered in licensed licensed Dietitian. Yes and while. I certainly can't compare what I was going through. Or what what I was kind of dealing within the last couple of a years to Melanie's story as far seriousness. I have also had to learn to manage Well more of a digestive issue that will leave me a bloated. After eating most meals it was frustrating because seemingly the healthier eight the more bloated I would get and really when you're eating well. You shouldn't be uncomfortable after you're eating. That's a sign that something's not going quite right. That's not our normal no no so after much research and lend appropriate food and lifestyle approaches. The issue has actually been resolved and I can eat most anything again but like Melanesia said the correct I choice of the foods I ate made a difference in how well I manage that bloating and then how I got over that situation because ah which joys great pieces wonderful but when you're in pain relief is everything so having that relief is just I i. It's such a great gift it is yes and you don't think about those things either. I mean generally you don't think about you shouldn't think about how you're feeling afterwards. Words new should just go about your day feel energized and be fueled right. Well if you've been listening to dishing up nutrition for a few years. You're well aware that you can you you can use food to help manage any chronic health condition really. My clients offered report that after being on real food eating plan their cholesterol numbers go back into normal range. Their joint pain eases their blood pressure drops. They're diabetic numbers improve and their muscle. Muscle aches and pains. Go Away. The bottom line is this real food eating plan. Can it can work miracles on nutritional at Nutritional Herschel weight and wellness we always say what are we say. Food matters food matters but sadly I think many people pay attention to what they eat in the Howard is they don't pay attention to what they're eating and how it affects not only their body but their brain right and I found that when I work with clients if they're knee pain goes away after they stop up eating sugar and process carbs. They will usually give up. Those sweet treats or those things that caused that pain. They quickly learned that. Only a few bites of a muffin or or their favorite cookies. BEF- will cause that knee pain to return this gives them a really strong reminder. That eating sugar hurts them. I mean it's a physical hurt. They can they can feel if they eat it and feel it and although sugar is sweet and Yummy it is not their friend and what I find rather interesting though is that somehow many people with diabetes or prediabetes don't connect how processed carbs and sugar so foods that come from bags or boxes or those the center aisles of the grocery store how those processes carbs and sugar affect their blood blood sugar numbers or their a one C levels. Sugar is still hurting their body. But it's a different kind of hurt. It's a slow breakdown of their body and their brain rain if a client eats a muffin and they get knee pain. They get that immediate feedback. But if that muffin POPs up their blood sugar to one forty one six st or even two hundred people are not aware of the damage being done to the Kennedys and the their heart. Because they don't feel it. You don't feel high blood edge sugar like you feel knee pain he no. It's really like the the frog in the pot on the stove. Heat it very slowly. The FROG has no realization that their he's being he's being killed slowly rain. That's sort of our situation as we eat. And we incorporate these foods at present over a one hundred million people have prediabetes. They've been told over and over the leading cause of type. Two diabetes is eating excess sugar and flour but they continue to choose muffins and bread over meat vegetables. And good fat. You Know Teresa as I. I was reading the book the Case Ace against sugar by Gary Tabs. I found a little excerpt that I thought was appropriate for this Topic and he says as we become e- ever more insulin. Resistance and glucose intolerant as our blood sugar gets higher along with our insulin levels. As our blood pressure elevates and we get fatter we are more likely to be diagnosed as diabetic and manifest the diseases and conditions that associated with diabetes. These include not not just heart disease by Gout Cancer Alzheimer's and a cluster of Western diseases. But all the conditions typically perceived Lebed as complications of diabetes such as vascular disease lead to strokes dementia and kidney disease retinopathy linus cataracts plaque deposits and the arteries of the heart Leading to heart attacks or the legs and feet leading to amputations neuropathy all of these are are connected to how much sugary eating. Yeah and you think sure. It's just so innocent. It's so sweet and simple and delicious. Yes yeah it's so true that we continue to choose these processed foods over meat vegetables and good fats. And it's very unfortunate that these kinds of foods those processed foods foods are so addicting to most of us. Maybe not everybody but I would say the good majority of us as humans. We see him. hardwired hired to pick sugar laden foods over vegetables and of course the food manufacturers are keenly aware that a product will sell better when sugar was added to it so for example think of pickles even dough pickles. That don't taste sweet. If you go to the grocery store and you just kind of pick up a jar of any major braniff pickles. You'll usually find sugar or high fructose Corn Syrup in the label. Isn't that crazy. Yeah it's crazy because this isn't a sweet food so it makes makes you wonder. Is this how we build brand loyalty. is it that there is just enough sugar. Maybe we don't taste it. There's just enough sugar there to tickle our brain because we know it so addictive And there's other foods like that too. I mean just go through the aisles. We have spaghetti sauce or peanut butter. You know those those those hidden sugars that overtime it all build up and people will say well. It doesn't taste delicious and I to switch to these brands at don't Chagrin. I'm I'm like if you give your your palate two to three weeks. He'll switch over and you don't have those addicted. Pay a taste buds. So there's so many books and excerpts telling people oh how to eat their way back to better health but there are also a lot of mixed messages with unrealistic expectations so often people will say if the excerpts if the experts spurts can't agree. I'll just eat whatever I want right most likely. It's something high in sugar. It's a cop out really really and it's just a really nice excuse for us not really whatever we want right. Well the experts category. So why don't we just have the sugar. Yeah it's a justification honestly that we we can just eat whatever we want to eat because if they can agree. I'll just whistle. Pass the graveyard. Yes well well. You are listening to dishing up nutrition if you have type two diabetes cholesterol issues heart disease or cancer and you currently eat the standard American Diet. The sad diet we recommend recommend upgrading. Your food choices. It begins with the belief that you are worth it. You are worth eating better to better your health allies. Welcome back to dishing up nutrition..

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