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So we have the lifetime of the jobs numbers the Assistant Secretary of public affairs at the treasury department Monica Crowley said the president trump's economic freedom agenda news that his economic freedom Virginia has sparked this highly successful economic growth that is now led to the lowest unemployment rate in half a century with the announcement of the numbers on Friday that unemployment is down to three point five percent the lowest since nineteen sixty nine November's job search two hundred and sixty six thousand jobs created you have the blow away expectations the these job numbers are absolutely incredible and breathtaking in the number of jobs being created as you point out the historically low unemployment rate across the board she said what it shows is president trump's economic freedom agenda is working literally working as a record number of Americans are in the work force in unemployment is at a fifty year low unemployment among key groups African Americans Hispanic Americans Asian Americans and women our ad or near all time lows the jobs being created unlike previous years under previous presidents many of these jobs are career track jobs when the opponents of the president claimed these aren't real jobs are just temporary jobs there go no where jobs that is fundamentally untrue what we saw in the November reporters jobs created smashing every expectation that we saw in the previous two jobs number for October in September those job numbers were revised upward what's more is since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November of twenty sixteen the US economy has created more than seven million new jobs greater than last year's population of the entire state of Massachusetts millions more than the experts expected it's also five point one million more jobs than the Congressional Budget Office projected in their final forecast before the twenty sixteen election what it shows is common sense economic policies based on freedom work tax cuts deregulation unleashing the energy sector trying to re align international trade all of which the president promised during the campaign all of which is delivered that in turn is delivering us this incredible economy that means Americans not only have better prospects of finding employment when they want to but they're taking hold more money when they do find a job workers clash the Blue Cross blue collar workers wages up three point seven percent higher than the average worker of which means trumps economy is helping the very people he set out to help what he launched his presidential campaign pledging to stand up for American workers and families left behind by the nation's elite's she goes in to the platform in twenty sixteen when he was running for president it was on an America first platform when he became president he made sure his economic agenda just like his foreign policy agenda and everything else is based on putting the United States of America first taxpayers first American workers first first it was the tax cuts the tax cuts and jobs act TCG a from two years ago that was December twenty first of twenty seventeen president trump signed the tax reform into law at the treasury my team and I are leading the charge across the administration to help mark the second year anniversary of this we have a campaign if you don't follow me on Twitter already my official account is at treasury S. P. O. X. we've launched an official campaign to remind the American people in the American worker about how all the tax cuts and jobs act is benefitted every American this was the first element the regulation is the second pillar president trump is rooted root and branch these burdensome regulations that were hitting small businesses but really all businesses president drop is come in and clean up the regulatory process and deregulated so businesses of all sizes can flourish without the heavy hand of government on the third pillar is the energy sector coal oil pipelines etcetera that energy boom is made the at U. S. energy independent and trade reform of course we were we have already struck major trade deals with South Korea Japan Canada and Mexico well of course the the Canada Mexico American act chips on Nancy Pelosi's desk and she pretty much just refuses to bring it up for a vote because it would be a win for Donald Trump short and simple what's going on not to buster morning Mr summers K. generic in the greatest imam homo depot but never leave home without it there each other on that but you keep saying get them down let it go let it go I gained the ones I purchase update JK no good on Bradley I'm Liane on their trip the next day there telethon I got to know you so you know we have we we wanted what do you say and then board when I get in at golf Morrow by gone would jump somebody's bureau bring in radio thing add more staff model says always be prepared for anything out of the bad weather chairs to tag got me going out of business if your baby any time give me prepared for it so and I we can't abide by our own turned out pretty much the same way Dolly mood state L. 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