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It all out. I'm spreading the money all around y'all because hopefully somebody will win. Hopefully I win. So nervous about this jackpot is unbelievable. If you do happen to match all 6 numbers, now you have two options. The $1 billion paid annually over 30 years, or you can take the lump sum of cash up front which is still nearly $650 million. Live in the Bloomberg interactive broker studios, this is global news, 24 hours a day on air, and on Bloomberg, quick take, powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries, I'm Michael Barr in this is Bloomberg Paul, Lisa. Michael Barr, I'm taking a lump sum. How about you? I would take the lump sum, and then I would build a money for it, and then I would put in Spanish the blooms, and I'd swim and do the backstroke That's my plan. Out in the poconos. My favorite is that he planned this out that he actually have. I really detail, but you have the actual architectural pictures of that money for it that you're going to build. That's right. It'll look like an igloo. Igloo cash. In the poconos. Seriously. I trust me. I will. If I hit that much money, first of all, I would also buy some hot wheel cars every one because I used to love hot wheel cars as a kid. And I'd buy the classic ones. The classic ones is right. I love it. Reprising your childhood. Yes. I'll go buy hot wheels. The nice ones. Yeah, exactly. All right, Michael Barr, good stuff. Thank you very much. We appreciate that. One billion. That is a huge anyway. We'll have to see. Somebody's going to be a winner, and then will that person come into work on Monday? That's the question. Tom Keane, we'll see if he comes in Monday. I know he's out there today going to the local bodega floating up on the ticket. Look at DeMarcus here, kind of mixed S&P kind of I'm just called

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