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I just. I just felt like it was a bad vibe like I. Never discussed it with L.. We never talked about it. It just felt like. Something's going on here. That's dark. And this is not energy for me to be around this. Good is not gonNA. Come from this situation. And I just sort about a minute ended up. It ended up turning bad. sometime. I don't know how much longer but I think. There were ended up. Being problems between Allen has died after that, but it. It just yeah just felt to shady felt too I didn't like that they were not nice to Russell Russell really cared about l. like firing, a guy who was really working for you this new guy coming in the scene kind of under questionable. Yes, uses dad, but still wasn't he? His Dad before he was local, right, it was just. It just felt very. Weird. Can you explain to me? What exactly was your role? In yeezus! And in the life of Pablo. because. It's just to see the credits on the albums I'm just assuming that you're in a room..

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