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Is the Gene Ursula show coming up at 11 06. It will be time for agree to disagree, But right now, instead of doing scenarios, well, technically, we're doing a real life scenario and And what happened and I just want to say I want to give a disclaimer disclaimer. Ursula's shared this with us right after it happened this past weekend, and I thought it was just going to stay on our text line. Had no idea stay in our text. Oh, yeah, with us here at home? Yeah, like it was. It was a text between us three Like the ship shaft and you and me, But now you want to share this with everyone. Let me sit back. Get my popcorn and relax. Go ahead. Well, you've heard the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? But I think of a couple of women may have taken that to a whole another level. So let me just set the back story carry Eric turned 21 last week. Um, Heather's in here, too, because she has a son. Same age. Yes. Okay, so I need some support here and, uh, so, um, our oldest son, Stephen said, I'm going to take so we all went together for a couple days, and Stephen said, I'm going to show you around Vegas because this was Eric's first time. And so Stephen as his birthday gift. One of his birthday guests, Eric was to go to a dance, a pool party, a pool party. At MGM, uh, Pool party. Okay. Gee, you lived in Vegas. You already know what What is he talking about? Is a pool party. Okay, So you have a DJ. Okay? Yeah. So you have live music event. I'm saying it and the point and and mind you both boys are vaccinated. So I would have said, Heck, no, because it's going to be Yeah, They're young adults. 21, almost 25. And it's you know, basically, there's alcohol. There's a lot of people packed into a pool. And in Vegas, it was over 110 degrees every day. Okay, so you know it was It was hot in there all the way around. But go ahead. So many different ways. Yes. So we get back, though, So? So they get back, huh? There that night, so and and we're having dinner together, and Stephen is telling the funniest tales. Eric wasn't going to mention a thing. But Stephen is talking about these. Women who are middle age. Maybe. Maybe not even middle. Aged, maybe late thirties, early forties. Okay, You caught up to them as you know, middle age and, um and and And he was going on about how they were completely hitting on actually touching my son. Oh, and and China basically, tell him How about we make it a real fun weekend for you in Vegas? Good Lord. Did big brother intervene at all? Or, uh, Eric, His eyes are popping out Target who? Who is 21 himself? They thought it was Funny? No. Okay. I like where are these women have to take them out? I was I was nowhere. Three. Apparently. So So My question is A couple a couple of things. One. Uh, first I was thinking, Are they trolling them and that they're acting like they are tramps. Good listeners. I'm gonna say it their tram, but wait, wait, wait your mitts off my okay. Okay, okay. 21 25. I write. And here's me. I am saying it. You keep your mitts of my young man. Put that boy through college. Okay, holders, Lee, Hands off. My Heather has a strong opinion on this one. I tried to work through this, okay? So I asked. My initial reaction was a lot like yours, like. Are you kidding me? Are they Are they nuts? Do they have a fetish now with young men? You know what is this? But wait a minute. Does this not happen? All the All the time. And would I be having my same reaction? If it was a man in the mid thirties or or or it would be worse with I'd be looking at my doctor, my daughter locking her up. Gee, help me out. What do you think This is Just no, no, no, no, no hands off my young man or no, so so wrong. So, here's what I think. And I wasn't even going to answer this on the text line because I didn't want you. You know you're in Vegas. I don't want your buying, thinking that way. And let me just say this. It is a phenomenal thing. It is a great thing that your boys said No. Let me tell you why. In Vegas or in anywhere else, situations. And if any of you guys are traveling if you're faced in a situation where it seems like something is too good to be true It's probably a good chance that it is. I'm not saying that this was the case. I'm not saying that. But I am saying is this is tourist season is hot season. Yes, I've lived in Vegas. Yes, Yes, I've had friends that Right. Like I warned them of that this year. I know what you're talking about, because we're they just going to take him or were they escorts and taking no one woman is talking about her son, who she was shopping around to, uh, to go on a baseball tryouts at at at colleges. She has a son who is 33 years younger than my again, you know, no bad wrong, Okay? I want to make sure that this was a real life scenario is brought to you by paradise. Your boys did. Well, they did the appropriate thing.

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