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Josh. Delicious. Can you do the castaway thing that Tom Hanks did and actually make a fire from like sticks if you needed to? I absolutely can. That's definitely one of the skills that you learn like that's 101. Survival skills like fire is the most important. Come on, Peter. That's one of one. This's terrible, Josh. If if you and I was marooned together, I wouldn't even be able to boil you, although we could use my reflection off my giant forehead to call down a plane. Well, Kelly Edwards. It is an absolute delight to talk to you. But we have actually asked you here today to play a game that this time we're calling. Welcome to Staten Island. So you've explored many exotic remote islands. But what do you know about a pretty normal island right off the wild coast of eastern New Jersey? Staten Island? Answer two out of three questions about Staten Island and you'll win our prize for one of our listeners the voice of anyone. They may choose from our show on their voicemail bill, who is Kelly Edwards, playing for Leah Ross Love Orlando, Florida All right. Ready to go. Kelly ready, Freddie first question about Staten Island. One of the best reasons to visit Staten Island is no longer there every year. In the fall, people used to rush to the island for the ritual annual construction of what Hey, the world's longest urinal. Be the bird man, a huge wooden sculpture of a man flipping Manhattan the bird or see a giant bust of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, based on the myth that Staten Island is the island in the stream. Gotta know it. See? Because you know Dolly is a queen, and we're just going to say yes you're going to you're just going to because I said Dolly Parton, You're just going to go? Yes, Dolly Parton. Absolutely. I like I like that cause you're right. She is the queen. But the answer is the world's largest urine. Off course, it was a trouser hundreds of feet long. It was built each year for the start of the New York City Marathon, but sadly no more. Now they go with Porta potties, which are dollars. All right. Next question. After months of receiving massive electricity bills in her mailbox, a Staten Island woman figured out the reason why a like all Staten Island residents, she left her Christmas lights up until August. Be. The bills were actually for the electricity pole outside her house, or C Con Edison was paying tribute to the large Italian population on Staten Island by tallying all bills in Lira. I'm going to go with she left her Christmas lights on August. Do you see you can see it from the sky I imagined you fly around. That's my house. No, Actually, the answer sadly, was be. The bills were for the electricity pole outside her house. They were actually addressed to pole. As the woman said, Quote. You don't write to a pole if you're normal, all right. Last question, though it's not often thought of as a fine dining destination. Visitors to Staten Island could enjoy food from which of these restaurants, a the world's longest buffet built out of the previously mentioned world's longest urinal. Be spinnin. Bon a Cinnabon slash cycling Jim or see Enoteca Maria, which on Ly employees, Genuine Italian grandmothers as cooks. I'm going to go with C. You're right, Enoteca Maria.

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