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Meteorologist Brad Barton. Live in the W B A P Weather center 9 34 here in W. B 20. Because of this ongoing emergency, the weather emergency. We're going to take the next hour and a half to take some of your calls to put a little more weather information on the infrastructure. We're going to talk with the National Weather Service. We're gonna try to get a plumber on. Just wouldn't get a plumber to answer the phone right now, And we're gonna be talking to some of our W B A P folks who are out in the field as well, Trying to keep you informed on this. This weather emergency. It's a temperature emergency right now, and we could be looking at another. Potential ice storm tonight will be getting more detailed information on that a little bit after 10 o'clock with the National Weather Service, But anyway, we're here now and we will be taking some of your calls as well. Although I think we might want to go back to could we have Clayton? Back on the phone yet let's go ahead and and let me get an update from Clayton. Uh, Who's out in the field somewhere. So just standby was a little rough. But we're getting this thing going right now. Let's go ahead. Clayton. What do you have? Not there yet. Okay, well. Get used to that. They're gonna be quite a few outages like that. So just stand by. Now we have the national weather Service coming up. We're gonna be talking with other people as well. And we want to take your calls. Let me have that phone number again. I've been here 11 years and I never have memorized the call in number Daniel for Bill. Okay, it's 972. I'm sorry. The one more time that we want to call a number. It's 800 she right? Eight w b a P 9227 or w th seven. Okay. Got it. Got it. Anyway, These are things you know, just to stand by with us. We are. We're literally trying to put this together at the moment Since Chris Saucedo is out today we're going to try to keep you were trying to use this timeto keep you a little bit better informed on the weather. It's a dangerous situation out there Right now. The several inches of snow that we had a couple of days ago has now turned to a snow pack ice. On many of the freeways were going to get some. We've had some sunshine on it already this morning. That's going to give us a little bit of melting despite the temperature's being as record cold as they are, and now Um, we're looking at possible freezing rain, sleet snow, and we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. Let's go back to Clayton. See you on the phone are now ready to go yet. Let's go toe. Yeah, Go ahead. Yeah, I'm here. Brown. How are you? Well, just get me out of here. Yeah, plugged in. And that Richardson Bureau, Okay, Very good. Tell us what's going on. Well, I'll tell you what the roads air slick as you would predict. But I know this is going to get worse. And that's your area. But I could tell you that there are people on the roads here on. I just actually spoke with several people. Who are stocking up for this round to that you've been talking about, You know, I talked to one guy who said he's actually been to three different stores looking for firewood, trying to get firewood. And he said, trouble getting that so Ah, lot of people are getting prepared for this round to whether it be getting more supplies. They're using this window today. It seems like between early this morning and maybe later this afternoon. To go up and stock up on some of the things that they've run low on over the next couple days. Another guy I talked to said he was out to the store to get batteries, and then they were bundled up to. It's that burning sensation across the face that have really surprised. A lot of people don't know how many people in the last 24 hours brought have told me that they just have never felt anything quite like this. Well, no, I mean, if you're if you've been here your whole life and you're You're 35 years old. You haven't really felt it because the last time we were this cold was in 1989, and they're only three or four prior record below zero temperatures on record here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, So this is indeed a very extraordinary situation. Have you seen give me an idea of the ratio? Of You think half the stores and outlets are open right now or a third of them or 1/5 of them, Or what do you think? You know, I'd probably say a little bit more than half you know, It's a lot of these mom and pop stores that you drive by there closed and then the big ones, the Walmarts. The Kroger's things like that seemed to be open for the most part, but a lot of the parking lots are empty. They're a lot more. Ah, filled up today, though, than they were yesterday, And I think that'll change as we get into later this afternoon. It really does appear like people are taking advantage. Of this small window. You know, we've heard those long lines that water burger yesterday that we've talked about because people are trying to get a hot meal. If they can. You know you may want to hurry up and do that quickly because I have heard some people speaking on social media and talk to some business owners who themselves are contemplating, closing or going to a very limited capacity. Just because they don't want their staff driving out in. This is well, It's not necessarily that they don't have generators that they don't have power. It's that they don't want to put their own employees at any risk. Well, there's a lot of risk out there in course, that we found out the hard way. Last night with the Sean Chastain walking across the street and found broke his ankle and just getting out of surgery this morning. Thanks a lot. Clayton will be back with you a little bit. 1 802 889227 and I meant to ask Clayton. What is a power situation is but that's okay. We'll get back to him in a little bit. Let's talk to Scott in Cappel. Scott, what's going on with you? Well, I'm on the east Side of cup hell. And compels not a very big place. But I know people on the West side that have never lost power. And I think I've had less than five hours of power and the last 32 33 hours. Yeah. Yep. Every now and then we get a little burst, and I'm very grateful for that. But I just I just would like to know what can somebody find out? What is going on with that? And you know, we We talked about that this morning with with Helen Brian and we had We are gonna have another Electricity expert on to talk with us A little bit later here we're gonna be on live from 9 30. Now room 9 40. Now all the way up to Rush Limbaugh on 11 o'clock. So for the next hour and a half, I'm going to try to get some answers for you. But I understand your power situation because apparently you and I are neighbors and we're in the bird streets and we've been out. My wife.

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